#LikeAMother How single mom Lizanne Falsetto built and sold ThinkThin for $217 million

Lizanne Falsetto

Lizanne Falsetto, 52, last month sold her protein bar company, ThinkThin, for $217 million.

In this Lizanne Falsetto interview, we dish about:

  • Her darkest moment, while going through divorce, facing business bankruptcy when the Atkins craze tanked and her dad died — and how she pushed through.
  • Why this former model stayed in the background as she built  her empire.
  • Her feelings about not having a college degree.
  • What her big, Italian family’s food tradition taught her about business, family and life.
  • Why wearing pink panties is critical to her professional and romantic success.
  • How she balanced entrepreneurship with single motherhood on a daily basis.
  • What she teaches her teenagers today about business and money.
  • How she attracted the alpha male who is her long-time romantic partner.
  • Why she describes herself as a “warrior woman.”
  • What’s next



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3 thoughts on “#LikeAMother How single mom Lizanne Falsetto built and sold ThinkThin for $217 million

  1. That’s so ironic that I ran across your blog, I just started buying the Think Thin products, congratulations with ur success. I love it it tastes great.

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