Clean out your jewelry box and rid yourself of clutter

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Clutter is the enemy, and not just because stuff makes your home a mess, your closets, and drawers difficult to manage. Clutter hold you back in life.

Sell your bridal jewelry or other diamond jewelry to minimize this physical, mental and emotional clutter — and make money while you're at it!

Worthy is the leading site for safe sale of jewelry and diamonds. CashforGoldUSA has been found to be the best place to get the highest price for gold per ounce, whether you are selling jewelry or coins, as well as lower-end diamonds.

The power of decluttering is especially true for women going through the end of a relationship: a divorce, the end of a serious, long-term romantic relationship, or even the death of a loved one.

What's in your jewelry box?

The contents of your jewelry box can be transformed into something that brings you joy, wealth, and/or health.

By cleansing your jewelry box, and selling engagement ring through reputable resources like the auction site (which has an A Better Business Bureau Rating), you can quickly turn that diamond, gemstone, gold jewelry or timepiece clutter into cold-hard cash — which you can then use to improve your whole life.

I often get the questions:

“Is it worth it to sell my jewelry?”

Answer: Gold prices per ounce have been at or near record highs in recent months, which is expected since gold prices tend to increase when the stock market and economy are unstable. Check out gold prices and get a free estimate at CashforGoldUSA, which a Fox News found to pay three-times its competitors. 

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This is how the CashforGoldUSA works:

“Where should I sell my wedding ring?”


“Where is the best 

Keep reading below and discover what these ladies decided to do and how happy they were with the end results!

Examples of how women have turned jewelry-box clutter into wellness:

  • Bonded with kids on a cruise paid for with money from selling ring from a broken engagement.
  • Used money from selling earnings from an ex-boyfriend to earn a yoga instructor certificate — and start a new career!
  • Profits from selling engagement ring after a divorce used for a hiking retreat in Italy.
  • Jewelry inherited from an aunt with whom the new owner had a long and painful relationship, was auctioned on, and the money was used to landscape her yard — which honored the aunt’s love of gardening, gave the niece joy, and improved her home’s value.

Get rid of clutter and things that hold bad memories

All those shared memories are locked in furniture on which you created memories, china you hosted dinner parties together, and linens that represented evenings and mornings spent with one another.

Many relationships involve precious jewelry — investments that represented care, love, tradition and a shared vision for the future.

When the relationship ends, those rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can linger in velvet-lined jewelry boxes for years — or even the remainder of the new owner’s life!

Here’s the thing: Even if that jewelry is worth tens of thousands of dollars, it is still clutter to you.

Why? You’re not enjoying it.

Those diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, and broaches represent something negative (even if there are some fond memories attached).

It all holds energy, good or bad.

Cleanse out the bad energy, welcome the good.

Unlike tossing out old clothes or cleaning your pantry, selling unused, or toxic jewelry can make you serious money.

All that negative energy can translate into a positive experience:

  • Pay off debt
  • Invest in your retirement
  • Save for a home
  • Buy a new car
  • Take the kids on vacation
  • Go on vacation with your man
  • Go on vacation with yourself
  • Buy yourself a fabulous new piece of jewelry!

With the money I made on selling my own ring, I helped my ex take the kids to Greece to visit their family. 

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Where to sell what you find in your jewelry box?

Read reviews from Worthy customers below who sold their bridal jewelry, trading luxury goods for well-being (and check out my personal Worthy review here):

April Wells:

“I sold my ladies Rolex Datejust watch! Loved having someone do “all the work for me”. In less than a week I had my money and was using it to buy a new pilates workout machine!”

Sissy Williams:

“I highly recommend to sell your jewelry. I had a wonderful and professional experience from beginning to end. Neil and Ashley were very helpful. I had a 2.5 carat diamond wedding set to sell. I got a new wedding ring in December, 2014 so I knew that I wanted to sell my other one eventually. I looked into how to sell a wedding ring to an appraiser, and a jewelry store, but their offers were offensive. I found and was a bit skeptical, but their A+ rating with the BBB and the fact that they insured my ring for shipping, calmed my fears. My piece had 179 interested buyers and sold for the highest bid which was way more than I expected to get. Also I like their low fees. My mom was so impressed, that she is now preparing to sell 2 of her rings through”

Josette Selover:

“My engagement ring was an estate piece and didn't want to just take the diamond and set it because it was too pretty in my opinion. I used Worthy after doing some homework and even contacting my homeowner's insurance if something would happen. The process was FANTASTIC and I got the money I wanted and I hope my ring goes to a beautiful girl full of love. I plan on selling other pieces now….you can't go wrong with Worthy!!!!”

Kellie Woodland:

“I worked with Shelly Robinson and she assisted me from A-Z every step of the way! I was given honesty and compassion when it was hard to let go of my beautiful wedding ring. I was even given time to think about it. When I did sell it was a higher bid than when the bid closed so I was grateful for the money difference and for Shelly to help me claim the highest bid.”

Takeaway: Well being is far more valuable than things. But you have to let go of the stuff before you can enjoy the good stuff.

Recent auctions:


1.00 CT Round Cut 3 Stone Ring Sold at Auction for $4,691


GIA 1.04 CT Round Cut Solitaire Ring Sold at Auction for $3,870

Sarah Morgese:

“Highly recommended!! I was absolutely skeptical about having to mail my ring off.

This company and its representatives worked with me thru every step. Always kind, courteous, and understanding.

They took the time to listen to all my concerns and assured me on every one. They went above and beyond for me.

I appreciated every associate from beginning to end.

Not to mention, I got the best deal for my ring.

Due to their excellent commitment to help in every way, I wouldn't think twice about using any other company.

Personally, this company is #1 and I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.”

What did you do with your engagement rings after divorce?

Keep or sell are not the only options when it comes to a post-divorce engagement ring. These women created their own meaningful ceremonies:

Monique: “Climbed a mountain and threw it off the summit.”

Sarah: “Put it in the collection plate at church.”

Melanie: “Sold it. Bought an entrance to a marathon, new running shoes, got my hair cut and colored, bought my kids a toy, and paid my attorney (some) of the money I owed. It was tough, but I'm glad it's not there burning a hole in my soul.”

Misty: “Sold it to buy gas to leave his sorry a$$!”

Marilyn: “Sold it. Kept thinking about the Gary Lewis song, This Diamond Ring Doesn't Mean What it Meant Before.”

Precious: “Flushed it. It was cheap just like our marriage.”

Joan: “Since mine is 3.5 carats I still wear the fucking thing…😳”

Eve: “I left it on the dresser for him along with a note that said it was as worthless as his vows to me.”

Shonda: “Bought hardwood floors for the house. We'd fought bitterly over that while we were married. I enjoyed my new floors for three years before selling the house. The realtor estimates the floors added $25,000 value. Win!”

Shanna: “Wrapped it up in a bunch of schrunchies, and threw it into the middle of a river.”

Brenda: “When my divorce was final, I put them in an urn which holds the ashes of my baby girl furbaby. She is gone and so is my marriage, so now they – the memories – are entwined forever.”

Jess: “My wedding band was worn, and engraved on the inside, so I couldn't get more than scrap gold value for it. It had felt like a shackle to wear. So I threw it into the Great Salt Lake the day before I left the state for good.”

Julie: “I took all the jewelry he gave me to our jeweler who bought them. Most were “sorry I screwed up” pieces, so all loaded with bad memories. I purchased several pieces that I really love, including nice diamond stud earrings, and don't miss a single piece!”

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