Online therapy via text, phone and video is used by millions. Low-cost and free options for therapy.

If you told me eight years ago I could find a licensed psychologist to come to my apartment in New York City for less than $150 and without spending months on a waiting list, I would have spit my latte right in your face.

Today, though, it's a different story, as millions of people receive the benefit of counseling online. There are many options for online therapy, including free online counseling apps, as well as online counseling paid for by your insurance.

Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, mommy issues, daddy issues, trauma, grief, divorce, parenting, loneliness, career, family, mental health or relationship or dating challenges, online therapy is quickly becoming an approachable and preferred way for many to address mental health and overall wellbeing.

It makes sense: We do everything else online, why not couch-time, too?

There are dozens of online therapy sites and apps. Here we review the six most popular, provide the pros, cons, cost and reviews.

Quick takeaway:

Our #1 online therapy choice is BetterHelp, a one of the most widely used online counseling apps that offers therapy via phone, text and video, for fees starting at $40/week, unlimited. A+ BBB rating. Check out BetterHelp now, with a FREE 7-day trial >>

If you are considering online therapy, here are some things you should know:

What is online therapy?

Online therapy is what it sounds like: Counseling services that are delivered through digital mediums, instead of in-person, like traditional therapy. Online therapists through reputable sites, are licensed and certified, and provide sessions through video, phone calls, text or email—depending on the client's preferences.

How does online therapy work?

First, you'll need to consider your personality type and preferred method of communication.

Would you rather video conference with your therapist, or have a phone call? Text or instant message? Post intermittently on an online message board?

Most services provide at least a couple of these options, but it's still good to keep in mind which ones are most effective for you.

If online therapy is new to you, be open to trying different communication modes.

Typically, online counseling works like this:

After you are matched with a counselor, there will be an in-take session. This might be over the phone or video, and you may be asked to provide information over email or an online portal.

If you prefer phone or email, that is up to you! You never have to use video (for example) if you don't want to.

From there, depending on what you agree to with your therapist, you can schedule weekly calls of 50 minutes each — very much like a traditional, in-person session. Most of the online therapy sites offer an option for unlimited email or text communications, to account for unexpected event that arises, or questions or concerns that come up between regular sessions.

Online therapy vs traditional therapy

Online therapy sites hire a variety of mental health professionals who are rigorously vetted, but certain professionals are better suited to help you than others.

For instance, do you need a psychiatrist (an M.D. or D.O.), who can prescribe medication? Maybe you only need talk therapy through a licensed psychologist (Ph.D., Psy.D., or Ed.D.), licensed psychological associate or (L.P.A.) licensed professional counselor (L.P.C.). For specific issues and specialized family or relationship help, licensed clinical social workers (L.C.S.W.), or licensed marriage and family therapists (L.M.F.T.) may work best.

If you aren't sure which professional is a good fit, there's a good chance that the online therapy platform will help you choose.

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Make sure any site you choose is HIPAA compliant, meaning they abide by federally mandated health care privacy standards.

This safeguards your information and transcripts of your sessions against any data breaches, hackers, etc.

Top therapy sites BetterHelp, Talkspace, and MDLive Counseling all boast HIPAA compliance in easy-to-find spots on their sites, so finding out whether your site is covered shouldn't be difficult. 

Once you've figured out whether online or face-to-face therapy is right for you, how you'd like to communicate with them, and whether or not they're qualified, it's time to sign up!

Online couples counseling

Whether you are seeking marriage counseling, couple's therapy or relationship therapy, online therapy can help. Couple's counseling is a very specialized practice, and experts disagree about how effective it can be. What they do agree on is that it takes a highly trained and experienced therapist to be effective—which can be hard to find. Online therapy sites help, since you have access to thousands of licensed professionals around the country, and are not limited to therapists near you.

How to find a good relationship therapist, and when you need couple's counseling

Cognitive behavioral therapy online

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a popular approach to treating depression, sleeplessness, family drama, substance abuse, stress, anxiety, relationship problems. Instead of delving deep into your past, CBT focuses on your current life, and works to change your perceptions and behaviors now.

All the online therapy sites reviewed here offer cognitive behavioral therapy:, BetterHelp, Talkspace and MDLive.

How to find a therapist

Online therapy has many benefits, including:

  • Convenience (conduct your text, video, phone or messaging sessions by phone, anywhere)
  • Affordable (BetterHelp, for example, offers unlimited text therapy packages starting at $40/week, compared with $80-$200/hour for traditional therapy).
  • Anonymous (no bumping into the bitchy PTA mom outside your counselor's office)
  • More choice in therapists. BetterHelp, for example, has a directory of more than 6,000 therapists for families, children, teens, and couples — as well as those who are seeking therapists for issues ranging from depression, anxiety, and therapists specializing in trauma, anger management, and any mental health issue. If you want to change therapists, you can do so easily.

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How to find a psychiatrist

While most online therapy providers do not prescribe prescriptions or offer psychiatrist services, there are few that do:

  • HealthSapiens medical doctors provide non-narcotic prescriptions that can be sent to your local pharmacy.
  • MDLive offers psychiatry services for $259 for an initial visit, and $99 for follow-up visits.

Get started with 7 online therapy sites

The similarities between traditional therapy and e-therapy end right here.

Because the rest of the sign-up process – the time actually spent on the platforms and in your sessions – is all designed to be as convenient and hassle-free as possible from this point on, starting with meeting your therapist.

1. BetterHelp

One of the features that many users like about BetterHelp is how much control you have over choosing a therapist, and how and how often you interact with your counselor.

The onboarding process allows you to choose a BetterHelp therapist's qualifications and attributes, including:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Therapy types, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Client- or Person-Centered Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, etc.
  • Experience working with various personal, family and mental health issues
  • Communication and personality style

BetterHelp's process starts with a text exchange with an online matchmaker, who will ask you about your therapy history, reasons for seeking counseling, and if there are any special considerations you'd prefer (here's where you'll want to disclose your preference for, say, a female counselor or a therapist specializing in panic disorders, etc.).

You receive a form, similar to a traditional office's intake form, to fill out and send back, and then you're paired with your “primary therapist.”

Because this is all happening in real-time, it typically doesn't take long. You will be matched with a therapist within 24 hours.

The timeliness of the process is an especially helpful aspect of BetterHelp — especially for busy moms, or those who struggle with anxiety or depression, or otherwise are eager to start working with a therapist.

BetterHelp is less expensive than its competitors with prices starting at $40/week, and has a free 7-day trial.

Read our BetterHelp review or get started with a free BetterHelp 7-day trial now >>

BetterHelp: Online therapy review

BetterHelp offers a large database of more than 6,000 online counselors that it may match you with. The site states:

“We have found that we are able to provide a successful match most of the time; however, if you start the process and you feel your counselor isn't a good fit for you, you may elect to be matched to a different counselor.”

Each counselor is verified via:

  • Licensing
  • Good standing with their licensing board
  • Video review
  • 100% BetterHelp therapists have a Master's or Doctorate degree
  • Minimum 3 years and 2,000 hours of training.

“The result of this rigorous 4-5 week process is that only about 15% of the therapists who apply to work through BetterHelp are accepted to the platform,” BetterHelp's site states. 

BetterHelp worked with Berkley Well-Being Institute on a study that found BetterHelp to be as effective as face-to-face counseling.  The study found:

  • 98% of BetterHelp users made significant progress
  • 94% of BetterHelp users preferred the service over traditional, face-to-face therapy
  • 70% users reported reduced depression

Does BetterHelp offer free online therapy?

BetterHelp provides online counseling for free for seven days. After that week, you have to pay — though BetterHelp does work with insurance, which may cover sessions.

How much does online therapy cost with BetterHelp?

Online counseling offered through BetterHelp costs between $40 to $70 per week for unlimited sessions, although the cost of counseling is billed monthly, after a free one-week trial. They also note that you are able to cancel your subscription at any time.

Does my insurance cover online therapy with BetterHelp?

BetterHelp states that their online therapy services are traditionally not covered through insurance. However, you may receive some coverage depending on the plan you have.

Specifically, BetterHelp shares that you may have to be diagnosed by your therapist with a mental disorder or issue before you can expect reimbursement from your insurance company. Your therapist may also have to send proof of your disorder to your insurance company, including your copies of your medical records.

Does BetterHelp have an app for online therapy?

BetterHelp works equally on its desktop site, as well as apps for Android and iOS/Apple products. You can choose a therapist (or switch therapists), manage your account, and engage in live video, phone, message or chat sessions with your counselor through BetterHelp's secure website or app. Your choice!

How to find a therapist with BetterHelp

To get started with BetterHelp, you can browse the online directory here, or start by:

  1. Go to, create a profile, and fill out your preferences and needs.
  2. You will be matched with a therapist within 24 hours.
  3. Start messaging with your counselor immediately.

BetterHelp has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Start counseling with BetterHelp now >>

2.‘s programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT has been developed on the idea that your thoughts are what cause your feelings and behaviors, not external stimuli like people, situations and events.

Unlike other online therapy apps that are really traditional therapy, but online, is an online worksheet and video tutorial program, with therapist support and sessions offered on a tiered-basis. provides a complete toolbox of resources built on the success of CBT:

  • An online, self-directed, 8-module Cognitive Behavioral Therapy course
  • Worksheets — with daily feedback from your personal therapist
  • Journal
  • Live chat, video or phone sessions with your personal certified and licensed therapist
  • Action plan — where you add activities that bring meaning and joy to your life
  • Meditation videos
  • Yoga videos Online therapy review is a dedicated online-based team of consultant therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists, practitioners and support staff that collaboratively works to help people in need of emotional support.

You will have full access to online therapy program designed for your specific needs with easy-to-follow information and hands-on tools, your daily journal and activity plan, including daily contact with your therapist (Monday-Friday), tests to monitor your progress and access to the forum.'s website is easy to navigate, and with prices that start at $39.95/week.

Read the review or get started now with a 20% off discount to >>

Does offer free online therapy?

No, does not offer free online counseling, but the app does have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Does have an app for online therapy? does not have an app. Instead, clients log in directly to their accounts via smartphones or tablets.

The online portal allows for text, phone or video appointments.

How much does online therapy cost with    

Therapy offered through starts at just $31.96 per week when you factor in the initial 20% discount you get the first month. This monthly payment includes access to the firm’s online therapy program plus daily contact with your therapist — but no live chats or video sessions. (BetterHelp's fees are similar, but with all live phone, video, messaging or chat sessions, more like traditional therapy.)

If you want a more robust online therapy program, with more one-on-one sessions with a counselor, there are also two alternate subscription services to choose from that cost $47.96 per month or $63.96 per month.

Does my insurance cover online therapy with does not accept insurance as a form of payment, although they state “it may be a good idea to reach out to your insurance company to see if they will cover online therapy.”

If your insurance company covers online therapy sessions, you may be able to submit your bill to them for reimbursement after your sessions.

How to find a therapist with

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Start working through the video and worksheet modules.
  3. Schedule your first 30-minute chat, video or call — your choice — with the therapist assigned to you. You also have 24/7 access to the video and guided meditation and yoga videos immediately.
  4. you can ask questions and interact with your therapist, who will also give feedback to the corresponding worksheets daily Monday-Friday.

Check out now, and 20% off, no discount code needed >>

3. HealthSapiens 

HealthSapiens: Online therapy review

HealthSapiens is an online counseling service that gives you 24/7, unlimited access to licensed, U.S.-based therapists, for a flat monthly fee. The online therapy site also offers also in-person consultations on top of online for members who prefer face-to-face counseling.

Typical issues HealthSapiens therapists address include:

  • Anxiety
  • Bulimia
  • Depression
  • Grieving/loss of a loved one
  • Insomnia
  • Mood Disorders
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Relationship Issues
  • Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Teen/parenting issues

Note, you can talk to a qualified, licensed therapist any time, unlimited. However, unlike with a site like BetterHelp, you will not have a designated therapist with whom to build an ongoing relationship.

Does HealthSapiens offer free online counseling?

No, HealthSapiens does not offer free online therapy.

Does HealthSapiens have an app for online therapy?

HealthSapiens does not have an app. Instead, it has an online portal for clients who want to use a smart device for text or video appointments.

Phone counseling and in-person appointments are also options with HealthSapiens.

How much does online therapy cost with HealthSapiens?

HealthSapiens typically charges $197 per month, but for readers, the discounted fee is $120 per month, or 29.95 per week.

Does my insurance cover online therapy with HealthSapiens?

Yes, HealthSapiens works with insurance companies.

How to find a therapist with HealthSapiens

  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. Get matched with a therapist, and connect as soon as you like (or schedule a session) via chat, phone or video.

Sign up for HealthSapiens now, and get access to a therapist immediately, 24/7 >>

HealthSapiens also has a medical subscription, which can include prescription-filling (for non-narcotic drugs). Learn more about HealthSapiens Medical >>

4. Talkspace

For Talkspace users, a therapist is chosen for you by a shrink matchmaker of sorts.

Like BetterHelp, TalkSpace allows you to remain anonymous with your therapist, opting for a nickname or a random username instead.

Talkspace: Online therapy review

During an initial text exchange, a vitual matchmaker will ask you about your therapy history, reasons for seeking counseling, and if there are any special considerations you'd prefer (here's where you'll want to disclose your preference for, say, a female counselor or a therapist specializing in panic disorders, etc.).

You receive a form, similar to a traditional office's intake form, to fill out and send back, and then you're paired with your “primary therapist.”

The speed of registering is an especially helpful aspect of Talkspace — especially for busy moms, or those immobilized with anxiety or depression.

Does Talkspace offer free online therapy?

TalkSpace does not offer a free trial, or any free online counseling. By comparison, BetterHelp offers similar services for fees starting at $40/week, as well as a free, one-week trial.

Does Talkspace have an app for online therapy?

Earlier versions of Talkspace app had several bugs, including crashing at start-up. Updates in February 2020 have addressed these issues.

You can use the app to connect with a licensed therapist via unlimited messaging. Live video is also an option.

The Talkspace app has a 3-star rating on Android and a 4.2-star rating on Apple.

How much does online counseling cost with TalkSpace?

TalkSpace offers several subscription therapy services that start at $49 per week or $196 per month. You can also choose a monthly plan for $236 per month or an unlimited plan with LiveTalk therapy for $316 per month.

Couples therapy is also offered for $79 per week or $316 per month. You also have the option to add on live video sessions to any plan for $49 per 30-minute session.

Does my insurance cover online therapy with TalkSpace?

TalkSpace partners with several U.S. health insurance plans, although individual insurance plan participation varies. In other words, you’ll need to check with your insurance provider to see if online therapy is covered and what you’re expected to pay out-of-pocket.

Talkspace also shares that many of their customers pay for their therapy with a credit card or Paypal then submit their bills for reimbursement through a Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

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How to find a therapist with Talkspace

  1. Go to and set up an account
  2. Share your preferences and needs via a chat session
  3. Get matched with a counselor within 24 hours and start communicating via chat, message, email, video or phone.

TalkSpace has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Talkspace >>

5. MDLive Counseling

MDLive Counseling's sign-up process, however, works a little differently.

MDLive Counseling: Online therapy review

In 2014, MDLive, a leader in online medical care, bought online therapy giant Breakthrough. Today, the service is branded “MDLive Counseling.”

For starters, the therapy site doesn't pair you with a therapist.

Instead, you choose your own counselor by criteria like their location, what insurance they accept, or their specialties (anxiety, depression, family issues, etc.). Perfect for those of us who like a bit more control.

And where BetterHelp and many other platforms arrange appointments with a chat feature or message board, MDLive Counseling uses a collaborative, interactive calendar instead.

You just pick a date and time that works for your schedule and your therapist either confirms the appointment or sends a “counteroffer” for a different date and time.

The online therapy sessions themselves vary, too. Talkspace is app-based, so sessions always take place on your phone, via messaging, text or, with their premium plan, video chat.

MDLive Counseling is available through phone calls or video chats using your computer or smartphone. Most states require an initial video assessment, but after that you can discuss whether phone or video are appropriate for your counseling needs.

And BetterHelp offers multiples of communication methods: phone calls, texting, messaging, video chat, and a number of interactive online tools – plus BetterHelp has a very intuitive app.

Does MDLive Counseling offer free online counseling?

MDLive Counseling does not have a free trial or any other free online therapy.

Does MDLive Counseling have an app for online therapy?

MDLive 4.0 is available for Apple and Android. You can use it for video therapy with the practitioner you choose.

Online therapy is also available via phone calls, if you don’t want to do a virtual face-to-face.

MDLive has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How much does online therapy cost with MDLive Counseling?

MDLive Counseling offers online therapy with a variety of counselors, which is why there is no set rate for how much you’ll pay. The final cost will depend on whether or not the therapy is covered by your insurance.

Does my insurance cover online therapy with MDLive Counseling?

Unlike some other online therapy providers, MDLive Counseling has contracts with most insurance companies around the United States. If your insurance company is one of them, you can expect reimbursement for your online therapy sessions.

If you’re not with an insurance provider that works with MDLive Counseling already, you may want to consider reaching out to your insurance provider to find out if they offer coverage for therapy offered online.

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6. ReGain: Online couples counseling review

Whether you are working on your first, second or third marriage, another romantic relationship, or trying to improve your co-parenting relationship with your child's other parent, online relationship therapy can be an affordable, convenient, and productive tool.

Bonus: You don't have to be in the same room with the person, since you communicate with the counselor via chat, text, email, voice or video!

If your relationship is in trouble, couples counseling could be the answer. Enter ReGain, an online platform that helps couples find counselors to help them get their relationships back on track — or save it.

ReGain a sister site to BetterHelp, our favorite online therapy source, which earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

ReGain costs between $40 and $70 for unlimited text, chat, video, phone or email support — your choice.

To connect with a couples or marriage therapist online, the Regain website, where you register and fill out a form that helps them match you with the right counselor. ReGain works with psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, and licensed professional counselors. All have at least a master’s or doctorate degree, all have been state-certified and have at least three years and 2,000 hours of professional experience.

You’ll be assigned a private, dedicated “room” where you can check in any time, any day. There you and your partner can write about your relationship – what works, what doesn’t – and what issues you both want to address. The counselor will read and respond to these messages, and the three of you can discuss the topics at the sessions.

ReGain offers text, video, phone and live-chat options. Some couples prefer several short sessions a week, while others prefer one long, intensely focused appointment. It’s all based on what works best for the two of you.

Private sessions are also available if, for example, you want to discuss something particularly sensitive.

Does ReGain offer free online couples counseling?

You get a one-week free trial when you start therapy through the ReGain platform. To take full advantage of that, schedule your first appointment as soon as you register. Using the private room and then communicating with the counselor for free will give you a taste for how online couples counseling works.

And if it’s not a fit? You can cancel. In fact, even if you decide to continue with counseling you can later cancel at any time, for any reason.

Learn more about ReGain now >>

Does ReGain have an app for online couples counseling?

ReGain has an app for both Apple and Android. It has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple Store and a 4.6-star rating on Google Play.

How much does online couples counseling cost with ReGain?

The cost of online couples counseling through ReGain is $40 to $70 per week, after the one-week free trial. It’s billed monthly.

Does my insurance cover online couples counseling with Regain?

Again, ReGain is just a platform to connect couples with the help they need. You’d need to ask your actual counselor whether or not they work with insurance companies.

The bottom line: The path of true love rarely does run smooth. Each person can bring baggage or bad habits into a relationship. We may not even recognize that we’re doing it!

With a little professional help, it’s possible to make our relationships stronger and more fulfilling. Sign up at Regain and take advantage of that free first week.

7. 7 Cups

7 Cups was originally named “7 Cups of Tea,” referring to a Chinese poem that celebrates tea as means to tranquility. 7 Cups is unique among online therapy sites:

7 Cups offers free 24/7 connections with “active listeners” as well as paid online treatment with licensed professional therapists for $150/month.

7 Cups: Online therapy review

According to the 7 Cups website, it is an “online emotional support service.” Its active listeners are volunteers who've been trained to listen deeply and to reflect what you're saying when offering feedback, to let you know that you're being heard — all through an easy-to-use chat thread platform.

You can connect with an active listener at any time, day or night. The live chats are anonymous and private. No one will know it's you, and no one except the active listener will be privy to the conversation. This service is 100% free.

It's easy to create a free account at 7 Cups, and to get in touch with an active listener. You ask, and within a short time (sometimes literally seconds), a listener will “pick up” and begin the e-chat.

If you want therapy with a professional rather than active listening, you'll be matched with one of 300 counselors (or allowed to pick your own, from the 7 Cups therapist directory) and given a private chat room. From there you can message the therapist as often as you want, though counselors respond once or twice each day, and only Monday through Friday.

7 Cups does not offer live text, video or phone therapy options.

Read more in our 7 Cups online therapy review

Does 7 Cups offer free online therapy?

No, it does not offer free online therapy. However, all sessions with the active listeners are free.

Does 7 Cups have an app for online therapy?

As noted above, 7 Cups offers therapy with licensed professional therapists via private chat rooms. But it also has an army of “active listeners” ready to hear you out. The 7 Cups app lets you connect with a sympathetic ear with an easy-to-use text chat format.

The Apple version has recently been updated to fix a couple of bugs, such as the keyboard interfering with the chat field.

The app has a 3.7-star rating on the App Store and a 3.5-star app on Google Play.

How much does online therapy cost with 7 Cups of Tea?

If you want to work with a therapist, it costs $150 per month no matter how much (or how little) you use the site.

7 Cups does not have a free trial period.

Does my insurance cover online therapy with 7 Cups?

7 Cups does not work with medical insurance companies.

Faithful Counseling 

Faithful Counseling brings together licensed therapists who are practicing Christians and clients who are seeking faith-based mental health care.

“By combining Biblical wisdom with clinical expertise in mental health, our counselors do their best to invite God into the conversation and formulate actionable plans that best address the unique challenges their clients face,” the website states.

Faithful Counseling clients can access both pre-scheduled sessions with their therapist as well as have unlimited messaging with counselors any time they are available. You can also pick your preferred method of discussion for each session, either by phone, video call, or messaging. Because of the unlimited contact, costs for Faithful Counseling can be much lower than a traditional, per-session charge. Plus, Faithful Counseling has a 7-day free trial.

Learn more about Faithful Counseling now >>

Faithful Counseling’s process walks you through an easy questionnaire to share your:

  • Gender
  • Language
  • Age
  • State of residence
  • If you’ve been in counseling previously
  • Physical health
  • Stressors
  • Medications
  • Denomination
  • How much faith you’re comfortable incorporating into sessions

Then, within 24 hours, you’ll be matched with a therapist. Each has identified as a practicing Christian and verified their beliefs align with Faithful Counseling’s Statement of Faith. As each counselor has a different approach and area of expertise; the site will match you with someone to fit your situation. However, if you don’t connect well with your matched counselor, you can easily switch to another one. You also never have to share your full name or full contact information, guarding your privacy.

Counselors through the site specialize in:

  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Health
  • Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Eating habits
  • Sleeping issues
  • Trauma
  • Anger
  • Family conflicts
  • LGBTQ matters
  • Grief
  • Religion
  • Self-esteem

Once you are matched to a counselor, you both will receive access to a dedicated online “room,” (like a chatroom), where you can securely share private messages. You’ll be able to share what’s going on in your life, ask questions, share thoughts, and describe issues you would like to discuss. Your counselor can read your messages and then respond with their thoughts, more questions for you, feedback, and specific guidance.

Online Christian counseling review 

Counselors fit in work as often as they need to, reviewers say, noting their counselor was always available and responsive.

The faith-based approach is also valuable and adds another layer to the counseling experience.

“Having a Christian therapist who already has a relationship with the Lord is helpful,” a reviewer shared.

Each counselor must:

  • Be professionally licensed
  • Be in good standing with their state’s licensing board
  • Go through a video review
  • Have earned a master’s degree (many also have a doctorate degree)
  • Have least three years of experience
  • Gone through least 2,000 hours of training.

Faithful Counseling counselors can be psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, or licensed professional counselors.

Faithful Counseling is one of the services offered under the umbrella company Better Health, which has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Does Faithful Counseling offer free online counseling?

As a private company, the organization does not receive donations or outside funding, so the monthly subscriptions provide income for the highly qualified counselors on the services. No free counseling is available on the platform, however, Faithful Counseling does have a free 7-day trial.

Does Faithful Counseling have an app for online therapy?

Faithful Counseling has an app available on iOS for Apple products and Android products, through the Better Health platform.

How much does online therapy cost with Faithful Counseling? 

Faithful Counseling offers monthly subscriptions between $40 and $70 per week, billed monthly, after a 7-day free trial. Get started with Faithful Counseling now >>

Does my insurance cover online therapy with Faithful Counseling?

Faithful Counseling services are not always covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private health insurance. If there is coverage, it may be limited. You can call your insurance company to ask for details. 

How much does online therapy cost?

Where traditional therapy can cost hundreds of dollars each session (and God forbid you have multiple sessions in a week!), online therapy can be drastically cheaper.

Talkspace's unlimited sessions cost between $128-$396 per month, depending on the tiered program you choose.

BetterHelp charges a flat fee of $40-$70 per week for unlimited access to your counselor. It's also worth noting that BetterHelp offers a free one-week trial to see how you like their programs before you're ever charged a penny. MDLive Counseling is the priciest online provider because their network of professionals operates on a name-your-price basis according to experience and specialty.

A session costs between $50 to $400, with the average session about $145.

Online therapy sites that take insurance

On the bright side, MDLive accepts most major insurance plans. That'll help offset the cost big-time.

Online therapy sites with free therapy

Sorry, there is no free online therapy (unless you count watching old Oprah episodes on YouTube).

However, BetterHelp does offer a free one-week trial.

Also, offers a 20% discount for the first month. And MDLive Counseling accepts most insurers — so you may only have to pay a co-pay and/or deductible, depending on your plan.

Pros of online therapy

Convenience and cost

All of these sweet, sweet technological advances mean you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home — or even your bed – to talk to your therapist.

Plus, you'll save money formerly spent getting to the therapist's office and paying for childcare while you're there.

Normalizes mental health care

Historically, mental health care has been stigmatized. Lately, though, the tide is turning and online therapy services are playing a role in that change.

Unlimited access anytime

Because so many online therapists offer unlimited plans, you don't have to wait weeks or months for your next visit.

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Cons of online therapy


Modern e-therapy comes with its fair share of downsides. Lost connections, crappy WiFi, frozen screens and dying batteries all have the potential to detract from the experience and utility of your session.

Not always available out-of-state

Some states require you to use therapists who are licensed in your state, which can really cut down the pool of eligible providers.

This issue can be easily sussed out prior to completing the application process, thankfully, but it can still be disappointing.

Best online therapy site: BetterHelp

BetterHelp is our #1 best online therapy site for these reasons:

  1. High-quality therapists. 100% of the site's 6,000+ counselors have a Master's or Doctoral degree, and minimum of 3 years and 2,000 hours of experience
  2. Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  3. Competitive prices, starting at $40/week, unlimited
  4. Lots of control for you: You choose whether you want to communicate by phone, video, messaging or chat.
  5. Secure: Fully secure therapy app and website, and you can choose to be anonymous to your therapist.

Best online therapy app: BetterHelp

BetterHelps secure app is just as dynamic as its desktop website, and helps make therapy even more accessible, since you can conduct live sessions from your office, car, on walks — wherever works for you.

Best online therapist: How to find a therapist

Just as with traditional, face-to-face therapy, when answering the matchmaker's queries about your preferences, personal history, reasons for seeking therapy, etc. Remember, you can remain 100% anonymous to your therapist. The more information he or she has, the better the site can match you with the right counselor — and the quicker and more thoroughly the therapist can assess and help you.

To get started, you can browse a list of BetterHelp's therapists, read client reviews, and start the process of feeling better.

Real moms review online therapy

So, is online therapy worth it? I asked members of my closed Facebook group, Millionaire Single Moms, what their experiences have been:

BetterHelp helped me make big changes in my life and stop dragging my feet in my divorce. I was honest with my therapist and she helped tell me see the reality of things. I am forever grateful! As a stay at home mom, the convenience meant everything. — Ruthie, San Antonio, TX

I’m working with a therapist through BetterHelp. I love her a ton. She’s helped me out so much. It only costs me $45 a week, which is much cheaper than normal counseling. – Shawna, Salt Lake City, UT

Share in the comments:  Have you used online therapy sites? What has been your experience?

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