Why shared parenting is great for moms

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There are 60 peer-reviewed studies that prove that shared parenting — when children in divorced and separated families live with each parent at least 40 percent of the time — is what is best for kids, including in high-conflict situations. But it is also what is best for moms!

In this episode, I talk about my own journey from being a really primary mom, to one with a great co-parenting relationship and the many, many benefits for moms. 

These include:

  • Free time!
  • Time to date
  • Exercise
  • Build a business and career
  • More flexibility, since the other parent is there in emergencies, scheduling conflicts
  • Many more!





Shared parenting is not only kid for kids, it's good for mom too! Co-parenting advice | single mom tips | divorce advice | shared custody

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