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A review of My Divorce Papers (DIY divorce online)

One of the biggest downsides to divorce – other than, hello, it’s divorce – is the major amount of effort that goes into making it happen. Life is hard enough as it is without factoring in the exorbitant amount of time, work, heartache, and serious money that divorce requires. My Divorce Papers is a site…


LegalZoom-Wevorce Review: DIY online divorce

Divorce is more or less always atrocious. But it doesn’t always have to be a knock-down drag-out legal brawl, either. Many times, people getting divorced don’t have a lot of animosity toward one another, and an easy separation process can keep it that way. That’s the appeal of online divorce services, which can save you…


Stockpile Review: Give the gift of stock

Are you tired of giving the kids in your life useless gifts that end up in the trash? Would you rather help them learn valuable financial and investing lessons that can last a lifetime? If so, check out Stockpile — an innovative investing platform that lets you purchase stock gift cards that represent fractional shares…


Types of investing accounts

Investing in the future is always a smart move, but that doesn’t mean deciding where to invest your money is easy. In fact, it is complicated. There are more than 30,000 mutual funds, more than 8,000 individual stocks — and tens of thousands of financial advisors more than happy to charge you fees to help…


Ethos Review: Life Insurance for moms (the easy way)!

There are a nearly endless number of life insurance companies in the market, many of which offer policies to men and women of all age groups. But, what about life insurance for moms? While mothers can buy their life insurance from any reputable company just like anyone else, it might be worth looking into companies…

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How to make money with online surveys

If you’re angling to earn some spending cash but don’t want yet another J-O-B, there are a ton of side hustle options to consider. You could drive for Uber, run errands with TaskRabbit, or watch other people’s kids, for example. The best part is, many of these hustles let you work when you want, meaning…


Survey Junkie Review

If you’re looking for a way to earn some “fun money” online, Survey Junkie is worth a look. This website promises to help you “become an influencer,” but not in the traditional way. Instead of spreading your influence via social media like Instagram models do, you’ll answer survey questions and consumer polls that advise companies…

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ThredUp Review: Is online consignment worth it?

Whether you’re looking for ways to expand your wardrobe on a budget or cash in on nice clothes you no longer wear, consignment stores can be a solid option. Most consignment stores offer a broad selection of second-hand casual, business, and evening threads at much lower prices than you’d find in your local department store.…


Best money saving tips for single moms

  When it comes to saving money for single parents, my advice is simple: Shop less Focus on maximizing time vs. money Focus on quality over quantity — this is true for products you buy, as well as life experiences. I prefer three weeks in Vietnam with my kids over three days at Disney. The…


Simple meal planning tips for single moms

As a single mom, and for so many moms I know, the most stressful part of your day is dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. Shopping, stocking, prepping, baking, warming, and cleaning (or not …) is weighed down with the pressure to make sure your kids are not getting [at least some marginal sum of] nutritional…