When I’m overwhelmed, I tell myself, ‘People way dumber have done this successfully.’



I’m always grateful when the media interview me. So is my ego!

The more people who can hear my message and join our community here, the better. Recently the nice folks at Mint.com, one of my favorite personal finance products, profiled me for their blog. You can check it out here.

Expert Interview with Emma Johnson on Managing Your Money as a Single Mom
From the interview:

The best place to start is to think of yourself as a financially independent adult. Design a life that you can live within comfortably – even if that means moving into a smaller house in a less prestigious neighborhood than you envisioned. It might also mean starting over in a new career.

But, Emma adds, remember two things:

1. Everything is temporary.
2. There is no substitute for being totally financially independent – from your ex, from your parents, etc.

What are the biggest mistakes you think single moms make when it comes to managing their money?

It can be very, very scary to go about this parenting business alone. I understand why women freak out and shut down into poverty mode – focusing their energy on getting as much child support and/or alimony out of an ex, qualifying for public assistance, and spending energy on living very thriftily. While some of that might be necessary immediately after divorce, it is not a long-term solution for living a fulfilling and financially viable life.

Read the rest of the interview here:

Expert Interview with Emma Johnson on Managing Your Money as a Single Mom



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