VIDEO: Working moms are better moms


Do you feel guilty about working? You’re not alone.  An astonishing 40 percent of respondents to a 2009 Pew survey told researchers that a mother’s working was harmful to her children — up eight points from 1994. Even if you’re a single mom and sole provider for your family like me, it is impossible to escape the notion that you’re shortchanging your kids because you earn money.

In the latest episode of Earn Like a Mother on Grant Cardone’s Whatever it Takes Network, I interview Canadian construction mogul mom Kelsey Ramdsen about how she manages her own feelings about work-life balance, and I take it to the streets in my Astoria, New York neighborhood to interview women — moms and non-moms — about their own feelings around working and parenting (guess what — they all embrace working!).

Click on the images to watch the episode!

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