Video: Overwhelm is a choice. How to get a grip and stop the constant stress.



Our culture values people who are productive.No wonder we’re all tempted to feign business and overwhelm all the time! But there is no need to be at your wit’s end all the time.

In this latest episode of Earn Like a Mother I meet with Zaida Khaze who is understandably OVERWHELMED. This mom of two daughters — one of whom is on the autism spectrum — also cares for her mom who lives with her and suffers Parkinson’s disease, all while running her business, I help her find some ways to manage her time, energy and emotions. We also head to the street to ask moms how they feel about balancing work, family and life.

To watch the whole video click here or on the image below:

WIT screenshot


What do you think? Is being overwhelmed really a choice — or just a byproduct of life? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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