Interview: Thriving on a single-mom income

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The awesome Jenny Hoff at interviewed me for her latest ChargedUp podcast episode. This is a great conversation about my own story of overcoming my fears, hangups and neurosis’s when it comes to single motherhood and money. It is also about overcoming your own barriers that keep you stuck financially, emotionally, and professionally. Not gonna lie- I think this is a killer interview!


On becoming a single mom: “I live in New York City, which is just teeming with amazing, competent women who are doing incredible things with their careers. Nonetheless I immediately went to that dark place and was like, ‘I’m a single mom and I’m going to be living in my car.'”

Who are single moms? “It’s such an honor to be able to speak and connect with so many of these women who are either finding their way or really just find these incredible things. I mean, some of them are very high-profile people, building businesses and leading companies.there are also moms who are caring for disabled kids and serving their communities and caring for an older parent, and they’re keeping it together and enjoying a dating life, and there are just everyday heroes everywhere, and this is beautiful. I love it.”

Focus on your power: “Let’s get some context around your situation. If you’re listening to this, you are probably living in North America and you are living at a time of the most incredible amount of abundance for any human being, especially for women.”

… and …

“OK, you’re more broke now than you were before the situation happened, but you still have more than 99 percent of people in this world. Do not ever forget that. And if you really tap into that feeling, it’s hard not to feel a sense of obligation and service, so that might mean that you feel of service to other women around you.”

Chose your friends carefully: “We are all products of who is around us, whether it’s our friends, even if these are wonderful people who you grew up with, who you love, who are part of your family, even if it’s your biological family or your colleagues. If these people are all just bringing you down, if they’re saying, “Well, what do you mean you think you’re going to go back to school and have this big career? What do you think you’re going to get out of this financial situation? Do you think you’re better than us? Who do you think you are?”

Whether it’s explicit or it’s implied or they retaliate because of your new ambition, your new goals, your new positive attitude, it is really reflecting on the fact that they’re stuck in some place they probably don’t really want to be. You can’t be thriving and hanging out with those folks all the time.”

On the myth that you can’t be rich and also have a high quality of life: “Get rid of the idea that “Oh well, I want to earn more, but that means that I have to work that many more hours and I’ll never see my kids.” That’s just a story. Take Warren Buffett, he has literally billions of times more income than I do, but he is not working billions of hours more than I am, right? It’s just a story that people say.”




Thriving on a single-mom income doesn't need to be hard. You can thrive on a single income while raising your family. Learn how to succeed as a single mom with one income. Overcome your own barriers that keep you stuck financially, emotionally, and professionally as a single mom.

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