#LikeAMother Writing new rules for love, parenting and non-traditional family: Tanya Van Court

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What is family?

Of course, you can define family any way you like — as the seismic shift created by gay marriage, a now-minority percentage that ‘traditional’ nuclear families constitute in this country, and the booming numbers of unmarried mothers.

Tanya Van Court has lived her whole life outside of the ‘traditional’ nuclear family — starting when her then-39-year-old black single mom of five married a white, single 25-year-old colleague, who then assumed fatherhood of the whole brood, including Tanya. In this episode Tanya recounts her mother’s death when the girl was 6, her aunt’s adoption of Tanya and her five siblings, the racial stirrings of Oakland, Calif. at the time, and her own, revolutionary, “happy divorce” she enjoys with her kids’ dad today.

Oh! There’s more! This former marketing ex at ESPN, Nickelodeon and Discovery, and now CEO and founder of the amazing saving app for kids, iSow, shares her about the latest chapter of her new family story: Van Court, who lives in Brooklyn where she co-parents her two young kids, has a partner who lives in New Jersey and co-parents his daughter.


Tanya is beyond delightful, raw and vulnerable in sharing her remarkable journey of understanding and living the definition of life, family, mothering, partnership and love on your own terms.

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