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What to do if you are a mom paying alimony or child support

How to deal when you’re a mom who pays child support or alimony

Increasingly, it is moms who pay their exes child support and alimony, and their vitriol about the matter is often far more acute than when payer and payee fall along traditional gender lines. Vanessa was stunned to learn that after her ex left her for a much younger neighbor, she had to pay him nearly $70,000 in alimony and…

parental alienation law

Parental alienation information center

I have written extensively on the importance of the movement towards shared parenting. There are 55-peer reviewed studies that prove that shared parenting is best for children in separated and divorced families — when time is split approximately equally between homes — including in high-conflict situations. Very closely related is the recognition by courts and…

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Should you keep the house in divorce? What to do if you want the house

Many women assume they should keep the house in divorce. The thinking is that she will be the primary caregiver of the children, and the kids should stay in the home they are accustomed to, and in the same school district.  Sometimes that make sense. Often, that is a woman’s biggest mistake. Deana Arnett, a…