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Where to sell your engagement ring for the best price, safely, online.

Can you sell your engagement ring after divorce? (Yes, and here’s why you should)

Short take: Don’t hold on to a token of a relationship gone wrong. Instead, consider where you can sell your diamond ring for the most money to — and use the money for a positive new start.  More info: I had a really spectacular engagement ring. It wasn’t that it was huge or particularly…

post divorce cleanse

How to feng shui every room in your home (and make money at the same time)

My ex and I separated more than 10 years ago, and while the initial purge of his stuff and our stuff and my stuff-that-reminded-me-of-him-in-a-bad-way happened years ago, I am still Marie Kondo-ing my two-bedroom co-op of my marriage. In fact, this week I posted on CraigsList a vintage Heywood-Wakefield dresser that we bought for our…