#SingleMomsForHillary Kickoff Parties!!


Last night marked the #SingleMomsforHillary Kickoff Parties! There were call events in NYC, Atlanta, Chicago, Michigan, Phoenix, Baltimore and Michigan.

  • In NYC, three young women ages 8 and 9 made a collective 42 calls.
  • The Atlanta franchise featured a presentation by the vice-chair of the GA Democratic party!
  • The Chicago #SingleMomsforHillary party featured a mom nursing and calling!
  • Stay tuned for MORE efforts for #SingleMomsforHillary #HRC #ImwithHer#HRC16

In the meantime, you can call ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE! Including Canada and OTHER COUNTRIES!! Easy-peasy:

1. https://goo.gl/PJRmNL
or Hillaryclinton.com/forms/join-your-call-team/
2. Referred by ejohnson76@yahoo.com
3. Hillaryclinton.com/calls/
4. Create account / log in
5. Choose a cause you care about!

Want to host a call party in a few weeks? Submit here for updates!   https://goo.gl/forms/tSo6qpjTO78u1gov2

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What are you doing to support Hillary? What is the biggest impact you feel you can make? Share in the comments?



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