Single moms’ proudest achievements

Proud single mom, Barbara Hoard of North Lauderdale, Fla.

If you’ve signed up for my 15 Secrets to Thriving as a Single Mom in the past couple months, you’ve received a note from me asking you to share your biggest single-mom challenges, as well as your greatest achievements. I’m so touched and inspired by what many of you share with me that these nuggets of accomplishment must be shared with other moms!

Here are some of the most recent notes, but I want to hear more. Share in the comments, or email them to me at Tell me: What is your No. 1 greatest accomplishment as a single mom?


Leaving and getting established on my own is the thing I am proudest of right now. Having the strength to make changes happen. — Erica D.

Learning to take care of myself. It took many years but I realized I can’t be a great mom if I don’t believe I am a great person. I feel I am stronger, more confident and I know I deserve to have an amazing life. In turn, I think I am a better mom and my son gets to reap the benefits of that. — Barbara Hoard

My proudest accomplishment as a single mom is showing my children about resilience. What I accomplished in that first year after separation would make heads spin (I know it did mine).  — Lynne A.

No. 1 proudest accomplishment: the fact that I’ve been resourceful enough to give my kids a beautiful love-filled home to live in, and they are happy kids! — Trish D.

My biggest accomplishment is going back to university and earning a master’s degree, while also completing my theater studies at 56 — considerably older age than my classmates. — Athena C.

My No. 1 accomplishment was having the guts to leave three very abusive relationships (mentally, verbally, emotionally, physically and yes, financially) in order to show my children that they do NOT have to remain in a relationship when the other partner doesn’t want to ‘change’ or do what is best for the family.  Yes, three times and now I’ve come to grips for not only my sake but most importantly my children’s sake that my purpose here on earth is not just about what grande profession or role I can take on in order to make a seat somewhere in society, but to teach them that it is truly OK to be single.  Besides, singleness has a lot more benefits than what others think/believe. — Hasana S.

My greatest single accomplishment is finishing two law degrees and being a single mom to twins. — Sophia J.

My proudest accomplishment is that I’m still standing! I’m a single mum of three kids and one on the way.  I have a full time job, studying further to complete my degree in business management via correspondence and I am a home owner.  — Cindy R.

I’m most proud of my decision to leave my ex. Every interaction with him shows me another reason why I’m glad I decided to go it alone. I’m also proud that I am able to teach my son all the things that his dad should have. I taught him how to pitch a baseball and how to play basketball. I try to make up for his dad’s disappointments. — Stephanie R.

My kids are the proudest accomplishment as a single mom. Having my own company is the other one.  — Christine P.


How about you? What is your PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT as a single mom? Share in the comments — or email me at Inspire others! And remind yourself how much you have achieved! 


4 thoughts on “Single moms’ proudest achievements

  1. I’m most proud that while almost everyone who comes along seems to want to judge me for being a single mom – I don’t judge myself. And I don’t judge them either.

  2. I’m a little beyond you guys. I’ve been a working single mom for over 18 years. My daughter is going on 24 years old, is engaged, living with her fiance, works full time, does dog training on the side, keeps a clean home, cooks real dinners most every night. That is my proudest accomplishment.

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