Why single moms should be houseguests

The other benefit of being a houseguest? You look like this.


I just returned from a 24-hour jaunt to my Illinois hometown for my 20th high school reunion. Good times! Aside from catching up with old classmates and getting lots of juicy gossip on those not in attendance (as my brother said: “The only people who go to those things are those who are not totally embarrassed about their lives”), I had the luxury of being a houseguest in the large, historic Italianette home of a high school friend and her lovely family. Yes, it’s sweet to save money on a hotel room, but it is also wonderful and rejuvenating to be the guest in the home of a loved one — reasons that are exacerbated if you’re a single mom.

If you are a single mom, you spend most of your time taking care of other people. You work at a job where you serve customers and your boss. You cook and shop and wipe for small people. You spend a lot of energy and love caring for others.

When you’re a houseguest?

You are carted to and from the airport. You wake to the aromas of bacon and coffee that you did not cook. You are doted over with fresh towels and concerns for the comfort of your bed and room temperature. When you are a houseguest, you are with other adults — likely other adults you like and care for. Unlike your normal single mom life, you have cool adults to chat and drink with after the kids go to sleep. Being a houseguest means a break from loneliness.

Being a houseguest means a break from your life. Even if your children do not join you on the trip (as was my case this weekend), you get a break. Everyone needs a break. And if you live a super-intense life as a professional single mom, you need a freaking break! 

So take your distant relatives and college friend and neighbor-who-moved away and go visit! They wouldn’t have asked if they didn’t mean it. Bring a decent bottle of wine and some presentable pajamas, pack the car or book a plane — and go. And let them take care of you.

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2 thoughts on “Why single moms should be houseguests

  1. Emma, it was lovely to have you this past weekend! (And now to be a small cameo on your blog!) There is always a getaway here for you.

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