How single moms can amplify college savings – for the whole family

single moms can save for college

Thank you Upromise for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Upromise, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.


You know that I’m no fan of spending lots of time or energy on saving money, budgets or discounts. After all, your time is far better spent investing in your career or business and earning, than clipping coupons.

But I love me a good deal, and I love when earning money is easy. Sign me up!

That is why I’m a big fan of Upromise. This site gives you amazing cash-back rewards for shopping, and makes it super-easy to invest those rewards into saving for you or your kids’ college — now or in the future — paying off student debt, or just get the hard cash in your hands.

As for the easy part:

  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Register your credit or debit card with the account.
  • When shopping online, head to your Upromise account, search for your favorite online retailer, and make your purchase.
  • For Orbitz, the reward is up to 6% cash back.



single mom college savings

Save every time you shop online

  • Opt for a Upromise MasterCard and earn an additional 5%. And with Orbitz, earn up to 6% cash back. For example: Book a $500 hotel stay with your kids, or for a business trip through Orbitz, you would earn $30 from Upromise. Use your Upromise Mastercard, earn another $25, for a total of $55. For one freaking trip!
  • Cash earned can be invested in a 529 college savings plan, used to pay down an eligible student loan, transferred into a Upromise GoalSaver account, or withdrawn by check.
  • Ask everyone who loves you and your kid to join in. Through Upromise, invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, friends to join in your saving and investing goals. Through that email invite, they can sign up and designate a portion of their earnings to your accounts. Bam! This is no longer all on you. Your village supports you!
single moms can save for college

Earn cash back for college every time you eat at your favorite restaurant

I’m a fan of Upromise because the savings are so high, and the process is so easy. Plus, it is a great way to force yourself into meeting your savings and investing goals since you can automate where that earned cash goes — unlike other cash-back programs that just dump the proceeds into your account, where you are likely to spend it, willy-nilly.

Plus, this organization is the real deal. They’re part of the Sallie Mae, and have given $900 million in cash back over the years. Not shabby!

New Upromise members can earn a $20 bonus after your first purchase just for joining the Upromise college savings program through a current member’s referral link. Join here! 


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