How single moms can afford summer — without breaking the bank


The lovely people at Experian interviewed me recently about the horror that is affording summer vacation. Nevermind that the three-month break is an outdated model created when kids were responsible for toiling on the family farm, and women worked at home — not to mention parents were perfectly fine with NOT organizing their kids’ every moment throughout the year.

Instead, most of us are faced with three months which we must find supervision and engagement for our minors since the vast majority of parents work outside the home — including unmarried mothers of whom are the overwhelmingly sole support of kids, and nearly ALWAYS have paid employment.

Have a listen – this is a fun and info-packed episode!

What do you do with your kids all summer? What mistakes did you make in summer planning? Successes? Share in the comments! 

Check out Experian’s blog, full of all kinds of information for affording LIFE!





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