Quiz: Hey single mom, are you ready to date again?

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“How do I know if I’m ready to date?”

That is one of the most common questions single moms ask me.

Here’s a little quiz to help you decide.

  1. Do you find yourself lonely, wishing you had that special person to share your day with? yes or no
  2. Are you horny and your vibrator just won’t cut it? yes or no
  3. Do you feel pretty and wish there were someone there to appreciate that? yes or no
  4. Do you crave a man walking on the street and holding your hand and just making you feel like a woman? Not a mom or a person or an employee or daughter or neighbor. A WOMAN. yes or no
  5. Do you fantasize about having a man sit across a cafe/restaurant/bar table and smile and stare and feel that tension that is just the best thing that exists in the world and is the reason that songs and poems and novels and sonnets are written  about romantic love and not loving a toddler or about your middle-management biotech career?  yes or no
  6. Do you spend a whole lot of time telling anyone who will listen that you’re not ready to date yet? (lady doth protest too much [whatever doth means]) yes or no
  7. Are you terrified of dating again (lean into the fear). yes or no
  8. Have you been single at least two years? yes or no
  9. You have no idea what it means to date in this phase of your life, or in 2016 … but face it: You’re curious. yes or no

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, YOU ARE READY TO DATE! I don’t care what any psychologist says, or what lists on that stupid women’s magazine tell you … you are ready to date whenever you like. Remember: A date is not a pathway to marriage. It can be. But it is very, very unlikely that. A date is spending time with a person of compatible sexual persuasion to explore romantic potential — for an evening, romance, or, if you’re traditional like that, life.

Feeling nervous? Scared? Good! Means you care. Means you’re thinking about it, and thinking means getting ready.

Been single a while? Gotta date. Not dating is not an option. Just like not earning money or exercise. You are a sexual adult woman. Dating and romance and sex are a part of who you are. How you express that is up to you — and a long and wonderful exploration, I hope. But you are not allowed to ignore it all together.

Not sure where to start? I hear you! I was just like that myself … terrified, confused, overwhelmed about the thought of dating. But I did it. Never looked back (hell, New York Observer named me to its ‘ Top 9 New Yorkers You Must Date’!)

I can help you get back into dating with a sense of CONFIDENCE, FUN and POSITIVITY. Just check out my video course, How to Get Back Into Dating For Single Moms.  



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3 thoughts on “Quiz: Hey single mom, are you ready to date again?

  1. 10. Do you accept that “dating” does not equate to “automatic path to long term relationship”? yes or no.

    11. Do you accept that your best bet for dating is single fathers, and this likelihood increases each year that you get older? yes or no.

    12. Do you understand that men-single men, particularly-are not incomplete beings whose lives did not begin the day you met, and have priorities which you may not understand and may exclude you? yes or no.

    There, fixed.

  2. Thanks for not deleting my post or flying off the handle. I threw those bits about single guys in because more often than not, blogs in a similar vein (not that I am accusing you of doing this, it’s just my anecdotal general observation) either outright state or strongly imply a bias towards prioritizing single men as partners for single moms.

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