On sex and the single mom, with TheNewFamily’s Brandi Weikle

After supporting one another’s work for several years, Brandi and I finally met IRL this summer in Chicago. 


One of my favorite projects going is TheNewFamily.com, and The New Family podcast, name — award-winning ventures by my friend Brandi Weikle. I’m so flattered she invited me to her podcast recently, where we chatted about dating again as a single mom.

The convo was so fun, and includes this quip (from moi):

Have fun with it. This is fun. Having someone flirt with you again is fun. Getting those feelings again that you may have not had for years or decades, that is exhilarating. That blows your mind and then just wait until you start having sex! Just watch out! You’ll have this amazing experience that is at your fingertips and you haven’t gone there yet, so enjoy it.




One thought on “On sex and the single mom, with TheNewFamily’s Brandi Weikle

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this with your wonderful readers, Emma! It was a treat to have you on the show again and so lovely when we got to meet in real life!

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