How to sell your bracelet online for the highest price


Do you have a fine bracelet that you no longer wear?

A piece of jewelry that you know has value, but you no longer like — or perhaps was a gift or heirloom that holds bad memories?

Or maybe you just need the money, and prefer to unload the item?

Lucky for you, there are quality options for selling your fine gold, platinum, gemstone, diamond and designer jewelry online that will not only help you get the highest price on the market, but also make it very easy for you.

After all, unless you are a jeweler, it can be hard to know whether you are getting honest information.

Why you should sell your bracelet

Unless this is something that you wear regularly, your bracelet or other jewelry is simply a wasted asset sitting in your jewelry box, safety deposit box, or in a shoebox in the back of the closet.

Holding on to the item — and all the memories and feelings attached to it, creates mental clutter, not to mention physical clutter in your house.

You might have complicated or negative feelings attached to the item, as well as the person who gave it to you.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to sell or trade it in for a while — and that is just another item on your to-do list.

Or, you have to sort through a mess of unworn jewelry ever time you try to find your favorite items.

All of these are reasons to purge your jewelry box, and sell items that you do not actively enjoy.

That extra money can go towards any number of things — including beautiful new jewelry!

Where to sell your jewelry

Traditionally, if you had fine jewelry to sell, you went to your local jeweler, he or she offered a price, and a deal was struck.

If you lived in a large enough community, you might have the option to shop the item around to several jewelers.

Today, you might find jewelers through Yelp or Google.

Thankfully, today there are great online resources for helping you sell your bracelet or other jewelry for the best possible price.

Not only can you be assured you get the most money for the market, but selling online is also easier than in real life. You typically don’t even need to leave your house.

I have researched all the major online jewelry places, and by far the most transparent company is

Worthy is unique because it is a marketplace, which means that Worthy lists your item online, and creates a live auction, which can be bid on by anyone in the world — not just one, local jeweler.

This process ensures the highest market price, in the shortest amount of time.

I have sold jewelry through Worthy and really like that they help you understand what your jewelry is worth, provide a GIA certified report on the item, and offer excellent, patient customer service throughout.

Plus, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, which is important to me.

Read more about them in my review here.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name and email, along with basic information (color, carat weight, clarity, etc.) about your jewelry, including size and grade of your jewelry or stone.
  3. Receive an estimated market value for your piece right then and there. This process takes about 2 minutes.
  4. very nice customer service representative calls to answer all your questions and tells you what will happen next.
  5. Ship your item. If that price suits you, Worthy will send a FedEx delivery person to your house the next business day (or sometimes the same day!), in which you send the jewelry, diamond or watch to them — Worthy pays for all shipping and insures the item for up to $1 million.
  6. Agree on a “reserve price,” or the lowest price you are willing to accept.
  7. Your item is auctioned. Worthy will put your jewelry in front of at least 100 potential buyers worldwide, who can then bid on your item.
  8. Receive an offer within 7 days of Worthy receiving your item.
  9. Get paid. After you confirm the sale, you’ll receive payment within 24 hours, including through PayPal or your bank account.

Selling heirloom or estate jewelry or a watch? I write about that here.

Worthy >>

How do you know that the price is fair?

Ultimately, Worthy lets you decide whether you want to sell your item for the price it is offered.

But if you don’t know a lot about fine jewelry, how can you tell?

One of the best perks of working with Worthy is that each item is individually photographed and analyzed by GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is a very, very trusted institute that grades fine jewelry, and has been around for 86 years.

The laboratory employs certified gemologists whose whole mission is to protect buyers from scams in the jewelry industry, because — let’s face it — the industry does have a not-great reputation, and under-pricing is common.


Worthy takes up to 20 percent of the sale price.

They are very transparent: if they don’t sell your item for at least the reserve price, they return it to you, free of charge, no questions asked.

I also love that Worthy will pay you $100 if you successfully sell your auctioned item to an independent jeweler for a price higher than Worthy was able to offer.

I was recently on The Doctors, talking about the importance of selling your old wedding ring to pay the bills:


If your jewelry is modest, there are other options.

In my jewelry box were a couple of modest gold and diamond rings that a relative had given me when I married. Bye!

I did some research and decided to try to sell the rings at CashforGoldUSA and CashforDiamondsUSA (they have the same parent company), one of those places that advertise on TV.

Those sites always seemed super-cheesy. But I researched this one.

The parent company, CJ Environmental, has a BBB rating of B+. From past research I’ve done as a business journalist on selling gold jewelry (including dental fillings. I’m not kidding), I know mail-in services like this can be a good deal, as can your local pawn shop. Just research them first.

I decided to try CashforDiamondsUSA.

It turned out to be really easy.

I entered my name and address on their website, they sent me a mailer, I stuck the jewelry in it, dropped it in the mailbox and two weeks later got a check (they also give you a tracking number to chart it online).

I was pleasantly surprised. One of the rings – 12-carat gold with a couple of small diamonds – fetched a $159 check.

The other, similar, but of indeterminate quality, was actually returned. I was at first disappointed, but the rejection made me trust the company more.

They were being honest: Nothing personal, the return implied, but your crappy ring is dead to us.

Start the process of letting go of old things >>


Some of the links in this and other posts generate a commission. I never recommend products that I don’t truly believe in. Seriously – I get asked to write about stuff all the time and turn down hard cash if I’m not feeling it.

Do you have a fine bracelet that you no longer wear? Luckily, there are many options for selling your fine gold, platinum, gemstone, diamond and designer jewelry online for easy cash!

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