#LikeAMother Tyler Perry star Cocoa Brown, on single mom success and her 5 gay husbands

I first saw Cocoa Brown in Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club, in which she plays a down-and-out mom with a husband and son in jail and struggling to find child care while she waited tables at the local diner.

In real life, Cocoa is a very real single mom of a 3-year-old, and she is killing it in her career as a standup comic and actress. Roles include Jennifer on Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse series on TBS, and the upcoming miniseries American Crime Story, in which Cocoa plays Queen Bee, a pivotal juror in the OJ Simpson trial.

In this hilarious interview, Cocoa shares her story about:

  • Leaving corporate life to pursue standup comedy
  • Breaking into Hollywood
  • Dealing with an unfaithful husband
  • Raising a son without an involved father
  • Being a single mom with the help of her tribe of five amazing gay men
  • Dating as a single mom
  • Her standup album, One Funny Momma


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