#LikeAMother Single mom Jenn Scalia grew her business from $0 to $500k in 2 years


Two years ago, Jenn Scalia, 34, was a recently divorced New Jersey mom, unemployed and living with her parents — and miserable. This year she will bill $500,000  ($400,000 profit) from her coaching and business consulting business for female online entrepreneurs. One month she did $100,000 in sales.

What struck me about Jenn’s story is not just that she made so much money, so quickly, but that she chose to make a 180-degree turn on her money mentality. I know a lot of people, including a lot of very rich people. There is not a big intelligence gap between the middle-class and the affluent. But there is a difference in money mentality. How did Jenn jump from one club to the next? After all, before losing her job, she felt she was doing really well with a $38,000 per year social marketing position for an Atlantic City casino. Then, she realized she deserved a whole lot more — and got it.

In this episode Jenn and I discuss the steps she took to get through the money hangups that were holding her back [raise your hand if you, too, have daddy issues (me raising hand)], how it feels to be so financially abundant, and what she does to enjoy her newfound wealth.

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I was so inspired by Jenn’s single-mom success story that I also featured her in my new video course: How Not To Be A Broke Single Mom. She is one of 6 moms that I profile who found amazing professional and financial success after becoming single moms. 










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4 thoughts on “#LikeAMother Single mom Jenn Scalia grew her business from $0 to $500k in 2 years

  1. Jenn Scalia interview: inspiring, good for her. But – somehow I missed the Big Advice/Lesson. Does she make her money from coaching? Who are her clients? Individuals? Big companies?

    1. The advice and lesson is: “To figure out why you are in this place in the first place. What needs to be forgiven. How to move out of the ‘lack mentality’ with money”. – Jenn Scalia “The lesson is a matter of forgiving yourself and taking responsibility, that you power over that!” – Emma Johnson :)

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