#LikeAMother He says: “Where are all the good women? She says: “Where are all the good men?”

People, this is ridiculous. Women everywhere whine that there are no decent dudes out there. Men bitch there are no good women out there. Hogwash to all of it!

In this episode I chat with my friend Bruce Fretts (that’s him above, cute, right?), who is such a nice guy, successful in his interesting career, great dad and is just burnt on dating. We talk about the two minutes we dated (and he suffered a panic attack at the burlesque show he took me to. Sigh.) and how online dating has changed the romance game forever.

I also chat with Katherine, a gorgeous single mom in Houston who is so successful in her career, an awesome mom and funny chick — and she is just bitter about men! I help her get to the bottom of her hangups and we devise a Tinder prayer designed to help her find sexy love.


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3 thoughts on “#LikeAMother He says: “Where are all the good women? She says: “Where are all the good men?”

  1. I love the comment about people who say they want to meet someone but refuse to try online sites might not be truly ready to meet someone. I remember doing that exact thing at one point when I wasn’t ready to be vulnerable enough to go online and probably not vulnerable enough to connect on a meaningful level.

    I also love that Bruce is respectful enough to give the performer an air hug.

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