This saved me when my kids accidentally watched dogs doin’ it on YouTube


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“Can you google videos of ‘Great Danes giving birth’?”

That was the latest, innocent request of my then 5-year-old who has always been infinitely curious about the world, nature in general, and animals specifically. One of his favorite movies is the adorable family flick, Milo and Otis, with its all-animal cast (narrated by Dudley Moore!) about the adventures of a cat and dog friends whose antics include finding lovers and having babies — the births of which are graphically shown.

Somewhat weirded out, I plugged in the quasi-questionable search term, hit ‘Enter,’ and found, to my dismay, the first video was of Pit Bulls having intercourse. I’m a very open mom, zero prudishness here, and I may have not been so skeeved if the shaky iPhone cinematography did not so pervily zoom in on the copulating canines with apparent glee.


My mom mind screamed, as I fumbled with the mouse pad:


Since my now-literate 6 and 8 year-olds often used their limited screen time perusing random videos online, I knew I had to take action so I could enjoy the hour or so these sessions afforded me on Saturday mornings.

Welcome Norton Security. I downloaded Norton Security Premium on my laptop, added the offending tablet as well as my phone (Premium covers up to 10 devices), and, after a couple weeks of trial, found myself merrily snoozing Saturday mornings.

See, in addition to keeping my devices free of viruses and other geeky destroyers, and managing and making safe my zillion passwords, Norton Security Premium also contains Norton’s family-friendly features, which block sites that are family unfriendly, pings me when the boys try to access a blocked site, and tracks all the pages that anyone visits. That way I know exactly where my kids have been online, as well as how long (so I can use this documentation when negotiating screen time with my minions).

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.40.45 PM


You can have access to these awesome family-friendly features through Norton Security Premium like I did and protect up to 10 devices from EVERYTHING or you can get the family-friendly features a la carte with Norton Family Premier.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.40.34 PM

The other really cool Norton Family Premier feature is that the program will alert me in the event that my kids send sensitive personal information from their computer. This includes phone numbers, address, email and the school they attend (not yet an issue for my family, since my kids don’t yet have their own phones, email addresses, social media accounts or phones — much to their chagrin).

The other feature I love about Norton is the awesome customer service. This can be a real deal-breaker for me as a customer. When I had some questions about installing the software on my (admittedly) old computer, I hopped on the chat feature and Aniket quickly and politely walked me through the steps to get me up and running in about 5 minutes. Love that!



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2 thoughts on “This saved me when my kids accidentally watched dogs doin’ it on YouTube

  1. If they’re looking at YouTube at all then they will find worse than dogs mating. I have two kids now in college, trust me on that being the least of your worries.

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