What to do right now to save the United States #SaveUSA

Things you can do right now to make social change


If you, like me, care deeply about your country, and want to make a change to save the United States from its current path of violence, racism, sexism, disregard for law and procedure. The very best thing you can do right now is contact your congressperson, express your concern, and demand they take action.

For the foreseeable future, I will post here sample letters on various issues you can copy-paste to emails, letters, or read verbatim when you call your representative:

Find your CONGRESSPERSON here.

Find your SENATOR here.


Demand Trump put his business assets in a blind trust

On Nov. 28, Senator Ben Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee introduced a resolution that calls on Trump to “convert his assets to simple, conflict-free holdings, adopt blind trusts, or take other equivalent measures, in order to ensure compliance with the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution.” Trump’s vast international business deals stand in stark conflict of interest with his role as president of the United States. Read the excellent New York Times article about it here. 
1. Call members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in support of Ben Cardin’s bill. A sample script to email or call is here.
Sample Script: “Hello, I am calling to let the Senate Foreign Relations Committee know that I support Senator Cardin’s resolution that ensures that our president-elect’s foreign dealings do not violate the US constitution. Trump’s financial dealings could pose a threat to our national security.”
Call the Republicans first. 
Chairman, Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) 
(202) 224-3344
Ranking Member, Ben Cardin (D, Md.)
(202) 224-4524
(410) 962-4436
James E. Risch (R., Idaho)
(202) 224-2752
(208) 342-7985
Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) 
(202) 224-3041
(407) 254-2573
Ron Johnson (R., Wisc.)
(202) 224-5323
(414) 276-7282
Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.)
(202) 224-4521
(602) 840-1891
Cory Gardner (R., Colo.)
(202) 224-5941
(719) 543-1324
David Perdue (R., Ga.)
(202) 224-3521
(404) 865-0087
Johnny Isakson (R., Ga.)
(202) 224-3643
(770) 661-0999
Rand Paul (R., Ky.)
(202) 224-4343
(270) 782-8303
John Barrasso (R., Wy.)
(202) 224-6441
(307) 261-6413
Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) (retired)
Bob Menendez (D., N.J.) 
(202) 224-4744
(973) 645.3030
Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.)
(202) 224-2841
(603) 647-7500
Christopher Coons (D., Del.)
(202) 224-5042
(302) 573-6345
Tom Udall (D., N.M.)
(202) 224-6621
(505) 346-6791
Chris Murphy (D., Conn.)
(202) 224-4041
(860) 549-8463

Or, call your representative or senator.



Support a vote recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin

Green party candidate Jill Stein is calling for a recount of these three states, after prominent computer scientists and election attorneys are urging the Democrats to call for an election audit, based on evidence of ballot tampering. Read about here and here


 Email or call:

Stop the confirmation of Trump’s racist cabinet picks

Trump’s picks are confirmed racists, anti-LGBT, sexists and anti-Islam. Hate-based crimes are spiking around the country in the name of Trump, who has yet to denounce these acts. Read more about it here and here.

Call your representative AND senator.



More to come …




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