“The only way to rebrand single motherhood externally, is to rebrand it internally.”

rebrand single mom


This is pure poetry, and radical activism. TV journalist and single mom Cara P. Lemiux shares her beautiful journey about facing the shame of her own unintended pregnancy — and changing the world’s perception of “single mom” by first changing her own.

She says:

“I had to believe I was not my most difficult moment. I was how I responded to the consequences of it. If I didn’t want others to define me by my parental status, then I couldn’t let it define me.”



What do you think? Do you have a sense of obligation to other single mothers — current or future? What do you do to advance public attitudes about single motherhood? Share in the comments!




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2 thoughts on ““The only way to rebrand single motherhood externally, is to rebrand it internally.”

  1. Is there any empirical evidence that if we as single mothers redefine our inner truth and embrace our lives with confidence and live unapologetically that others will view us differently. The answer is no, but as stated by Ms. Lemieux it does turn our self doubt and unworthiness inside out. As single mothers readily grasp their authenticity and inborn power to persevere the landscape of single mother hood will begin to take a new shape but this is only the first step to “Reinvent, Rebrand and Rebuild” what a single mother looks like, is like.
    We must continue to take platform such as this one and give explicit talks that divulge the truth about single motherhood. We are exercising our voice and requiring others to engage and to take note that single mothers are Amazing, Multi-talented, Strong, and fallible Humans but not to be described by negative connotations or statistical data.

    C. Grayce Bernard
    “Deprogram your story and dispel the “less than” narratives that are holding you back”-CGB

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