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One of the most important parts of my life is my bedroom. Yeah, for that reason. But my bedroom with its adjoining bathroom has served as my sanctuary over the past six years of my single mom / divorce story. It is where I have always been able to retreat after a stressful day. Where I read and think and strategize about my life.

But even more than all of those beautiful things, my bedroom doubles as my home office. The heavy, antique desk a friend gifted me when she relocated out of the country is where I write this blog and other stories. It is where I earn a living and contribute to the world.

And that the desk and its beat-up, off-the-back-of-a-truck Herman Miller office chair are located inside my home is a critical detail for my career, and life. That I have the flexibility to make my own schedule means that sick kids, school field trips, dealing with the cable guy, and shuffling kids around to various after-school activities is infinitely more manageable.

Plus, I have the flexibility to run errands — to the hair salon, post office, drug store — during business hours when public places are less busy. Which means time saving and stress reduction overall. Plus, no commute! What else do I need to say. OK, I’ll say it again because it is so awesome: NO COMMUTE! Which means more hours to work.

Working at home means I’m more productive, a better mom, and a better business person.

Moms intuitively know all of these benefits of working at home, and one of the top questions I receive from friends and follower alike is: How can I find a good-paying job that lets me work at home?

Answer: is a leading site for home-based professional careers. All the job postings are vetted individually by HomeOfficeCareers, so that you know these are real (not scammy) and professional positions. Current listings include a data entry clerk for $25,000, marketing and business development manager for $68,000 and a records analyst for $40,000.

HomeOfficeCareers differentiates itself with its Resume Assistant — a database of 30 resume templates for different industries. Further, each membership is assigned an account manager (mine’s Shianne), complete with a photo and direct email address — plus that manager’s supervisor! These people mean business.

Membership is free, and premium membership allows subscribers to apply for unlimited number of jobs, plus job concierge / counseling services, a personalized process that helps members find a job or transition to a new career. Premium HomeOfficeCareers memberships start at $19.95 per month, and go to $99.95 for 12 months (7 months free).

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This post was created in partnership with HomeOfficeCareers.

4 thoughts on “Real jobs for stay-at-home moms

  1. Right there with you on sanctuary! My bedroom gets fab afternoon sun and has a large overstuffed chair for deep reading. And nothing like a hot soak after a long day.

  2. Hi Emma, wondering about having to pay “to apply for jobs”. I’ve signed up but can’t any online reviews for this particular HomeOfficeCareers site. I’m always weary of having to pay for something like this. Can you vouch it’s legit?

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