Chicago single mom readers Carla and Andrea meet up, create family and talk dudes


Guest post by Carla Moats, a Chicago single mom who is active on Millionaire Single Moms (seriously, she is the room mother, camp instructor and cheerleader, but not in a bitchy-dating-the-quarterback-and-youre-not kind of way). She connected with a single mom in her area on the forums, and good times ensued. Here’s her story:

I have an 8-year-old daughter that I adopted on my own, so I am the sole parent. While I would not change that, it can be pretty lonely and there is typically very little “me” time. Our social circle consists mostly of the families of my daughter’s friends, who are all part of two-parent families. I’m sure there are other single professional moms in my town somewhere, but they are pretty invisible. While my married friends are very supportive and great mom friends, there are certain things you just don’t have in common or don’t feel comfortable discussing. It can be isolating and lonely to be the only single parent sitting around the table. I’m not part of any couples-only social circles.

I was trying to find some single mom groups when I came across Emma’s website and the the Millionaire Single Moms forum one day and signed up. When I saw the thread for Chicago moms, I put a note with my information. A few days later there was another mom on there, Andrea, who it turned out was also from the west side of Chicago. I posted my contact information, she reached out and a week later we are having dinner on a Friday night. Yay!

carla andrea girls night single mom society

It was a much needed girls’ night out. We talked about our kids, about the challenges of single parenting, our work, and, of course — dating and men! I had just got back into dating and it was great to have someone to discuss that with – something I wouldn’t discuss with my married friends. One of the things I like about the forum is the ability to connect moms who likely would never have crossed paths in real life. Andrea and I are in completely different professions, live an hour apart, and are not close in age. But the fact that we are both unmarried moms, and our kids are close in age, means we connected instantly on a very unique level.

It was so much fun that the following weekend we got together for breakfast with our kids, who hit it off right away. We then visited a park where they played while we chatted. It was great for my daughter to see a family that looks more like our family. She sees her friends’ traditional, two-parent families and often feels different.

Since then, we trade e-mails about once a week have plans to get together again over spring break when our kids will be out of town. We’re hoping over time that we will get some other Chicago-area moms to join us, and create an extended family of single mom families.

Even though we don’t see each other every day, or have known each other long, Andrea serves as a sounding board on issues that only single moms understand. Our new friendship makes me feel less alone.



Millionaire Single Moms is a totally free forum for professional single moms to connect, make real-life friends both online and in their local communities, and support each other. Check it out! 

Remember: meet up with another mom in your hood and first round is on me!



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4 thoughts on “Chicago single mom readers Carla and Andrea meet up, create family and talk dudes

  1. Emma, doing a guest post on one of my fav blogs was a ton of fun and Andrea and I feel kinda famous now. I can say for sure that I never dated the quarterback in high school, but the fun date I had last week, he was a quarterback in HS and even played semi-pro ball. I am finding that I am much better at dating now than I ever was in high school!

    Obviously a big fan of the forum and I really encourage people to exchange information and get offline. It really is nice to have someone to reach out to as a sounding board.

    Andrea and I actually started a FB page for professional single moms in Chicago. We hope to see some of your readers like us. This site was our first “like” and we hope to further the goal of connecting single moms in Chicago.

    Thanks for inviting me to share our story!

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