Podcast: Don’t hold yourself back to get more child support and spite your ex

hold yourself back to get more child support


Don’t hold yourself back to get more child support and spite your ex

I hear from women who want to game the system, not earn too much so their child support or alimony payments won’t be compromised.

I also hear from women who pay their ex support and alimony, and they, too, limit themselves out of worry of having to pay out more than they care to. And, they may find themselves doing that very thing.

But … who cares?! Ask yourself this: When you are 82 years old, looking back at your life, what do you want to think:

Wow, I really stuck it to my ex all those years and cashed his checks. So awesome!

Or ….

I am so proud that I seized on my creative ideas, worked really fucking hard, created not only a really amazing life for myself and my kids, but also gave them the gift of financial comfort and a role model for making their own dreams a reality — and never being in the crippling situation of financial dependence on another person.


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