No one ever grows up dreaming of raising children alone. No matter how you got to be a single mom, it was certainly not your Plan A. But Plan B can be pretty awesome. That is not to say that single parenthood is an easy task. The loneliness, stress and guilt can be all-consuming. But there is lots you can do to maximize your resources and create a wonderful life for your family.

I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. But now that I’m a single mom this is impossible and I feel terrible that my kids will suffer.

It is not just OK that you work outside the home, but it is actually better for your whole family that you do.

Being a single mom is so lonely!

Girlfriend, I know it. I wrote this sorta-funny, sorta-sad essay Facebook is my babydaddy about how I turn to social media for the support and affirmation I need as a parent. I also wrote this post exploring why it’s so hard to find other professional single moms.

All my married friends’ seem so petty when they talk about their worries. I’m trying to make ends meet and keep it together!

Totally identify. I try to remember that everyone is on their own path. I am so grateful for all the lessons and accomplishments I’ve experienced since my divorce. I wrote a couple of posts about how I’m a better (less petty) mom and person since embarking on this journey:

7 Things I don’t give a $#!T about since becoming a single mom
5 more things I don’t give a $#!T about since becoming a single mom

I feel so much pressure to hover over my kids all the time. Single moms don’t have time to helicopter parent!

We don’t have time, and it’s bad for kids. Children need parents to model living full, happy adult lives that don’t revolve around them. Here’s how to get over that guilt – you’re doing an awesome job! I don’t live for my kids—and that is my greatest gift to them.

I fantasize about a Kate and Alli co-habiting situation with another single mom. Can that work?

My single mom BFF and I had the same idea! Here’s how that played out.

The weekends my kids are with their dads are torture. Any advice?

I suffered from those empty-house blues. Read this article for tips on making the most out of that surprisingly difficult free time.

I’m having a tough time feeling positive. I worry my kids will grow up resentful because we have less than others around us.

The center of my spiritual life is an expression of gratitude. Read this article for how to instill gratitude in your own life, and teach it to your kids.

My teenager is dating and so am I! I feel so much pressure to be the perfect role model for relationships when I’m trying to figure it out myself.

Life is crazy. The best thing you can do is be positive about dating overall, and encourage your teen to follow her instincts. Read more about why this is so important in this post.

I feel so overwhelmed by daily life. How can I create special memories for my kids as a single mom?

Read this post about how I took a giant risk by embarking on a 10-day roadtrip with two preschoolers. Alone. If I can do it (and have fun and not hurt anyone) you can, too!

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