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sex after divorce

Why women feel sexier after divorce

At least I have my kids. That’s another thing I tell myself when things are tough. When I worry I’ll never figure out the relationship thing. When I sit back and think, “How the hell did things turn out this way?” No one tells you these things can happen. There isn’t an afterschool special, a…

When should single moms introduce boyfriend to the kids?

I recently heard about a single mom who falls madly and deeply in love with every man she dates, convinced each is her next husband and introduces each guy to her daughter as such. Heartbreak ensues time and again for the kid. This is an extreme version of what not to do. But the problem doesn’t start…

Single mom families need adventures more than other families

I'm big on adventures, especially as a mom. And maybe, especially as a single mom. My kids and I call our Saturdays “adventure day” when I try to plan an event – a trip to a children's film festival or special park or drive to visit an out-of-town friend. We have routine adventures we enjoy…

Building Christmas tradition alone. But not really.

  Last week marked the second annual Helena and Mommy Day when we play hookey during a weekday to go ice skating. This year we started off our venture in typical style for a 4 1/2 year-old: me holding her up by her armpits, then with Helena scooting along the rail. I'd glanced away for…

Facing Christmas for the first time without the family homestead

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a few days. There’s a good reason: it’s the holidays, and during the holidays I procrastinate. Usually, I’m pretty together – no overdue library books for me! Bills are paid early! Punctuality is my middle name! Yet every December I put off ordering Christmas cards, buy…

Single mom and part-time lover?

How do you look for a lover when you don’t know what you want? Last time I was dating more than 10 years ago, what I was looking for in a man was clear: the bazillion specifics and intangibles that would make a good husband and father.The list is roughly the same this time around,…

“I was a confident single mom by choice. Then I lost my job.”

Guest post by Nina Siegal, an American freelance journalist living in Amsterdam and single mom to a 5-month-old daughter. The story of how I became a single mother is not a new one. But my relationship to my money problems is. It has almost become a contemporary cliché: a few years ago, I was about…

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