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4 ways to encourage your kids' intuition

There is an elderly man in my neighborhood who my kids and I frequently run into. I find him hilarious. Always freshly shaved and dapperly — if quirkily — dressed, he makes sure to wear some token symbol of his apparent Irish ancestry: a kelly-green shamrock-spotted ascot, for example. Or a shamrock plastic pin on…

I'm feng shui-ing the shit out of my apartment but my divorce is getting in the way

Last week a feng shui consultant spent three hours at my home. Laura Cerrano, of Feng Shui Manhattan, helped me focus on my goals (a serious relationship, more money, career success, less conflict with my kids), identify some frustrations (work deals that don't gel, stresses with certain family members who shall remain you-know-who-you-are), and take…

I'm a single mom going on a 10-day road trip with two preschoolers and it will be awesome

I am writing this from a plane with my kids on the way from our NYC home to Chicago, where we will spend two weeks visiting friends and family, and the places where I grew up in a small town in Northern Illinois. This pilgrimage Tomorrow morning I leave on a 10-day road trip with…

As a single mom I am totally non-traditional. Which is why I'm attracted to an unusally traditional man.

Lou says he'll buy me a Cadillac if I have his baby. “That's ridiculous!” I say. “A Cadillac is so not my style!” “That's the rule! You have an Italian baby, you drive a Cadillac,” he says, flashing that killer smile. We're joking. We're not even seriously dating. But there is truth in every joke.…

Divorced people enjoy more friendships – and marrieds should take note

I often hear from single moms who say they have more friends now than when they were married. That is a) great for us, and b) a sorry commentary on the current state of marriage. Study after study find that friendships are key to happiness. Unfortunately, the current marriage model can discourage these critical relationships.…

Women must be financially independent to thrive

  He who has the gold makes the rules. –Anonymous (who was she?) You cannot choose to be financially dependent on a man and also call yourself a feminist. The past decade has been a hotbed of debating the merits of the stay-at-home mom, how to achieve work-life balance and create workplaces that embrace family.…

My brother yelled at my kids and I loved it

Last week my younger brother Josh was hanging out at my place. He and his longtime girlfriend Susan live in an apartment on the floor below mine, and we see them a couple times each week. Like me, Josh also works in media, and we love to talk business. While sitting on the couch chatting…
sex after divorce

Why women feel sexier after divorce

At least I have my kids. That’s another thing I tell myself when things are tough. When I worry I’ll never figure out the relationship thing. When I sit back and think, “How the hell did things turn out this way?” No one tells you these things can happen. There isn’t an afterschool special, a…

When should single moms introduce boyfriend to the kids?

I recently heard about a single mom who falls madly and deeply in love with every man she dates, convinced each is her next husband and introduces each guy to her daughter as such. Heartbreak ensues time and again for the kid. This is an extreme version of what not to do. But the problem doesn’t start…

Single mom families need adventures more than other families

I'm big on adventures, especially as a mom. And maybe, especially as a single mom. My kids and I call our Saturdays “adventure day” when I try to plan an event – a trip to a children's film festival or special park or drive to visit an out-of-town friend. We have routine adventures we enjoy…

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