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How gold buyers work, the price of gold, and how to sell gold jewelry, and gold coins safely, online with legit buyers.

Where to sell gold (and tips get the most cash)

Updated Feb. 15, 2020 Quick takeaway: Gold prices are at record highs. While there are some shady places that buy gold, CashforGoldUSA.com is a legitimate online gold buyer that has been found to pay as much as three times its competitors. Keep reading for more details … You likely have some gold sitting around. Maybe…
Online therapy via text, phone and video is used by millions. Low-cost and free options for therapy.

Best online therapy sites for 2020

If you told me eight years ago I could find a licensed psychologist to come to my apartment in New York City for less than $150 and without spending months on a waiting list, I would have spit my latte right in your face. Today, though, it's a different story, as millions of people receive…
OurFamilyWizard review

OurFamilyWizard co-parenting app review: Cost, calendar, pros, cons

What is Our Family Wizard? Quick answer: OurFamilyWizard (sometimes mistakenly referred to as, ‘My Family Wizard) is a co-parenting app used by tens of thousands of parents to make it easier to share a calendar and schedule, text, share documents and information and other features for better communication — that can be used in court…
benefits of 50/50 custody

Why 50/50 shared parenting benefits everyone—kids, moms, and dads

After one meeting with my ex and our lawyers to negotiate the custody agreement of our divorce, I went home, busted out the calculator, and cried. I freaked out at the idea of being away from my kids for extended hours or days, and I need to know how many hours each week I would…
how consolidate credit card debt

How to consolidate credit card debt – 5 legit ways

Stop stressing about juggling multiple credit card payments you can't afford and a low credit score. Use these tools to consolidate credit card balances and be debt-free. This is a complicated subject, so I’ve put together a comprehensive list of what you need to know about getting out of credit card debt, and moving on…
why do younger men date older women

Why do young guys want to date older single moms? Cougar report

Quick answers: Moms are busy and confident, and don't demand commitment like younger, single women Young guys feel like a stud if they can sexually satisfy an older woman Mommy issues (sometimes) The trend has been fast and intense: In the four years I've been dating as a single mom, there has been a steep…
The best diamond buyers and get my tips for selling.

Best online diamond buyers & questions to ask before selling diamonds

Are you ready to sell an old piece of diamond jewelry, or perhaps some loose diamonds? Prepared to make a profit in cash? Here’s what I want you to do: Maybe it’s a pair of untouched antique earrings you inherited from great aunt Mildred — the ones you’re wondering if you’ll ever actually wear (you…
Reviews and cost of best co parent app

Best co-parenting apps of 2020

Co-parenting can be overwhelming, or even toxic. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Co-parenting apps can simplify scheduling, keep everyone on track. The right app might even make co-parenting communication, schedules, activities and contacts easier and more effective.   Some single moms and dads use apps because a lawyer, judge or mediator mandated them to. But…
Change your single mom money mindset, set a budget, save, invest, and get the insurance you know you need.

9 ways single moms can get their financial act together in 2020

Ready to get your finances together in the new year, single mama! Here is what you need to save, invest, find affordable insurance and hit all your income and money goals in 2019 and beyond!
how to coparent with narcissist

Co-parenting rules—even with a difficult ex

It is not divorce or separation that harms children — but conflict between parents, no matter if they are married or divorced, studies find. Penn State University sociology professors studied 2,000 married persons and 700 children and concluded that children that had the highest levels of anxiety and depression either had low-conflict parents who divorced or…