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special needs single mom date love

Can a single mom of a special needs kid find romance & love?

  I published this a few months ago, and it got some harsh feedback. For example: There is absolutely nothing inspiring about this post. In fact, for mothers with really severe situations, this is borderline shaming. Stick to writing about subjects you know something about – or at the very least, properly research your topics.…
sheri black san diego single mom grant

“I want my daughters to know business leaders who look like them”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play About the Kickass Single Mom Grant The Kickass Single Mom Grant is a $1,000 gift awarded monthly to a single mom doing something incredible — whether large or small, in her career, business, family, community. The goal is to support women doing amazing things,…
10 must-see single mom movies

Single mom movies: Best and worst single moms on film (and TV)

    My running list of single moms in pop culture. Who is your favorite? Who do you loathe? Share in the comments!  Everyone loves a single mom character because she makes an easy heroine. Historically, in movies she’s also made an easy victim — a one-dimensional victim to be saved from her ability to function in…
single mom finance

The moment this single mom found financial independence

  This truth bomb from Jessica Mraz, 50, St. Paul, Minnesota: Life lesson learned yesterday. I was struggling to figure out how to pay for my son’s health insurance and medical bills since the premiums went up and my deductible changed as well as sports and guitar lessons. I got into a big argument with…
mylabbox lora ivanova

Why haven’t you gotten an STD test? This founder can help.

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   Listen as I interview myLab Box founder Lora Ivanova about why sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise, why no one is getting tested, and how her business model is poised to change how we have sex and manage our health forever.  Countless…
mom overwhelmed managing finances

Worried your 401(k) is underperforming? I found an easy answer…

This post was created in partnership with blooom. One of the most common questions I get from moms about retirement planning is: “I contribute to my 401(k), but don’t feel confident I’m investing correctly. I worry I could be earning so much more, but it is all so confusing! Where do I start?” This is…
law attraction single mom

“5 ways law of attraction helps me live my best single-mom life”

  This is a guest post from my friend Lauren Sweeney, a 27-year old single mom, marketing strategist, and blogger at Millennial.Mom. She lives in Connecticut with her daughter.     When I was newly pregnant, my now-toddler’s father bought me a book on the law of attraction. It wasn’t totally out of the blue…

Happy Mother’s Day to you, beautiful single mom!

  Lots of WealthySingleMommy is devoted to the challenges of single motherhood. But you deserve to celebrate why you, as a single mom, are so awesome! Let me count the ways… You’re raising a human being by yourself. WTF. That’s HUGE. You pay the bills and plan a future by yourself. When your kid does something…
sell dvds online

How I made $246 in 10 min selling media and electronics online

  Honestly? I was always a little snobbish about people who spent hours posting their old clothes, books and tchotchke  online for extra, random cash. Just take it to the Goodwill and take the tax write-off! I’d scream, sometimes in my own mind, and often aloud. To the person’s face. After all, I am a giant proponent…
single mom grant winner

Kickass Single Mom: From homeless to chef entrepreneur

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   Ladies!! I am two months in to the Kickass Single Mom Grant project (I grant $1,000 monthly to a mom who is doing incredible things — whether in business, community service, her family, politics, the arts … essentially a mom who is awesome…

Why do moms still feel guilty about working?

Working mom guilt is a powerful, negative force that is dated as it is prevalent. I have written on this topic extensively through this blog, my podcast, and on my Forbes column. Most recently, I partnered with the bank BBVA Compass to create a FREE 50-page ebook, and 10-part podcast series devoted to exploring WHY…

Sex and money advice from a 90-year-old single mom

  I wrote this a few years ago, and I really love it … please chat with strangers. Listen to old people. Ask personal question. Listen. Share, and listen more. Remember that ours is not the first generation to struggle with being a woman with professional ambition, children and sexual needs. Read, and share.   …
date guy doesn't see his kids

Should you date a guy who doesn’t see his kids?

  In 411 BC, ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes staged Lysistrata, a story about a Athenian woman who ends the interminable Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta by convincing the women of Greece to withhold sex (and seize the treasury) from the men, who of course make all the decisions about war and money. Hilarious? Yes. Powerful and…
family friendly office

How to make your office a mom-friendly business

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play     Many companies (finally!) recognize the challenges of working full-time and raising a family, and now listen to research that finds that companies that support working parents, including nursing moms, is better for the bottom line. Many started to offer perks to make…

Why you need a mentor, and how to find one to advance your career

Successful people often give credit to mentors. But where do you get one of these magical career docents? And once you find one, how do you make the most of the relationship? Better yet – how do you become a mentor in a way that helps both parties? Patrice D’Eramo is vice president of Cisco, and member of…
single mom grant donation

Kickass Single Mom Grant winner: Jennifer’s Little Hands Book Bank

  I’m very proud and excited to announce the first-ever recipient to my Kickass Single Mom $1,000 Grant! In the six weeks since I announced the program, nearly 600 moms have applied. It was wonderful to learn about so many incredible women doing amazing things, it was tough to narrow it down. Lucky for you…
working moms dropout rate women

Moms are suddenly dropping out of the workforce. Why?

Over the past 15 years, labor market participation for U.S. women in their prime working years has been on a steady decline, reversing the growth trend of the previous 20 years. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! In this Working Moms Mean Business episode, BBVA Compass economist Amanda Augustine, co-author of a recent study analyzing the…
mom and her baby

Fact: Working moms are good for kids. Stop the guilt!

  A 2014 Pew Research Center study found that 60 percent of Americans believe children are better off when a parent is at home, and only 21 percent of adults say the trend of more mothers of young children working outside the home has been good for society. Therein lies the paradox of our time:…
working mom child care

Child care: How to pay for it without going broke

  Surveys consistently find that the majority of mothers want to work, but affordable, quality child care is cited as the No. 1 reason they stay out of the workforce. A quick glance at the figures, and it is easy to see why. By some figures, child care costs more than a college education, and…
why father doesn't see kids

A dad explains: “Why I don’t see my child.”

  Bring up the fatherless epidemic in the United States, and the arguments are as diametric and unrelenting as bipartisan politics. It is either: Men are irresponsible douchebags who abandon their children to mothers, who are left to raise the children with few resources, or … Women are conniving, malicious, entitled nut-jobs who alienate fathers from…
money lessons for moms

Rachel Cruze: #blessed vs. BLESSED and getting money RIGHT

I love Rachel Cruze! Look, her dad is Dave Ramsey, the personal finance and no-debt guru who has a rabid following of his books, programs, forums and radio show that have made him a very, very rich and famous man. It is easy to dismiss people’s success if their family is also very successful. I…
mom starting business

How moms can build a killer business AND be awesome parents

Owning and building a successful business can be one of the most satisfying things you’ll do in your life. I know it is for me, and even more so as a mom: I am so proud to model for my kids the importance of going for your dreams, making your own rules, and building a…
sam ettus book

Samantha Ettus: Stop feeling guilty for work, it’s good for you

  Samantha Ettus, is a Los Angeles mom of three and author of The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe For Success and Satisfaction, in which she advocates for women to be whole, dynamic women — not just moms OR professions — including family, romance, hobbies, a spiritual life, friendship, community. I love her message, because, like…
women in tech

Can moms close the gender gap in STEM jobs?

Nicole Smith, founder and CEO of Flytographer, with one of her sons. The number of women represented in technology jobs, and venture capital firms and startup CEOs, is dismal. But these field are ballooning in demand for skilled workers, and many positions — remote and from home work — are often excellent fits for parents.…
breadwinner moms

Are breadwinning moms good for families?

    A few years ago headlines screamed when Pew reported that 40 percent of families with kids were headed by breadwinner moms. This is a prickly social shift: On one hand, hooray for gender equality! On the other, swarms of anecdotes from both men and women quickly reveal that this result of the feminist…
single mom credit

Interview: Thriving on a single-mom income

The awesome Jenny Hoff at CreditCards.com interviewed me for her latest ChargedUp podcast episode. This is a great conversation about my own story of overcoming my fears, hangups and neurosis’s when it comes to single motherhood and money. It is also about overcoming your own barriers that keep you stuck financially, emotionally, and professionally. Not…
illana waxman hawaii

This single mom built her dream home in Hawaii after divorce

  A story that makes my heart proud and happy! I love that she owns how hard the situation was, then decided to pursue her dream. Plus I LOVE THIS HOUSE!  From single mom Illana Waxman, of Haiku, Hawaii, mom of Sahara, 4:  When my ex left me three and a half years ago, we were…

Lauren Greutman: “Spending is an addiction for me.”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   I love me some Lauren Greutman! This Syracuse, New York married mom of four was living the American dream … 3,500 square-foot custom house, two luxury cars parked in the driveway, new furniture, dinners out … and $40,000 in credit card debt. Fast forward…
alpha woman book

Suzanne Venker: “Relationship not working? Try being feminine.”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud   ♦  Google Play   When I shared on Facebook an excerpt of Suzanne Venker’s new book, The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works, out this week, many people dismissed it entirely because it was on Foxnews.com, a network where Venker is a frequent contributor. Prepping…
married single mom

There is no such thing as a married single mom

Related articles: Who gets to call themselves a single mom? 5 friends every single mom needs Why it can be so hard to find other professional, successful single moms Why do so many married moms want to join my single mom groups?   In the above, I share how so many married women want to…
single mom resistance activist

How one single mom started a local resistance movement

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud   ♦  Google Play After the presidential election, like so many of us Valerie Schull a single mom in Chicago, was angry. So Valerie, a Spanish teacher, got motivated. Shull is co-founder of a local resistance group that is fight against change in federal and local governments that do not…
do with kids on a snow day

4 tips for working parents losing their minds on snow days

  It’s the 2017 snowcalypse! This year, my kids are nearly ages 7 and 9, and they are running around my apartment building with neighbor kids. In fact, I’m not 100 percent sure where they are. I do know that I am taking advantage of this self-issued free day to to some major closet-purging and reorganizing ….…
relationship expectations

What if we started relationships expecting a hot mess?

This post, a couple years old now, came to mind this evening when having a drink with the lovely man I’m involved with. It’s a new affair, we’re both divorced, not young and agreed: This relationship is going to be a hot mess, just like the rest of them. The upside is that this relationship is new, so all…
single mom assistance

Public assistance helped this professional single mom get on her feet

I often struggle with this platform, where I speak primarily to women like me: Educated, professional single moms. The number of unmarried mothers is increasingly affluent and educated, as women gain power in business and earning. But the reality remains that about half of kids raised primarily by a single mom live in poverty (a figure plummets…
sallie krawcheck podcast

Sallie Krawcheck: Gender is now an asset at work

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Sallie Krawcheck is often cited as one of the most influential women on Wall Street. The former president of Global Wealth & Investment Management at Bank of America, and CEO of Citigroup’s Smith Barney unit, Krawcheck today is the co-founder of the female networking coalition…

If you’re thinking of being a single mom

  Are you a single mom? What advice do you give women thinking of having a baby on her own? Share in the comments :)   Not a week goes by that I don’t find myself in conversation with a childless woman in her 30s worried about whether to have kids, wondering about being a…
how date single mom

He said: “Your kids need a man in the house full-time.” Discuss.

  Hahaha … I happened upon this old post, written early on in both my blogging career and single-mom dating career. Needless to say, this guy really pissed me off. I still think he is a chauvinistic moron. But reading it now, a four years later, I have a new appreciation for the nuances and…

5 reasons millennial single moms choose to not to marry (for now)

  We are going to be talking A LOT about unmarried mothers, especially Millennial single moms, from here on out. Factoids: 57% of babies born to millennials were out of wedlock. (John’s Hopkins) 64% of millennial moms reported at least one birth out of wedlock. (John’s Hopkins) More educated millennials are having babies outside of marriage.…

18 things men say about their ex-wives

  When divorced people date, they talk about divorce. A lot. And that means talking about your ex. A lot. Which means through writing this blog, dating, and generally living life, I’ve heard a whole lot of thoughts and opinions from men about their ex-wives. Ladies, here’s how your ex feels about you. How do…
shared parenting

How to get dads involved in divorce and separated families

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   This is an important episode. Terry Brennan, co-founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting, an activist organization responsible for introducing legislation in 20 states, that makes equal, shared parenting the presumption in family court. This is a critical issue for children, who suffer…
sell diamond

Crazy thing you did with your engagement ring after divorce?

  It’s the new year, and as any divorce lawyer or family therapist will tell you, it is also divorce season. The holidays are often the nail in the proverbial marriage coffin. Bye-bye bad marriage, hello new life! I’ve written a lot about the best way to sell an engagement ring and bridal jewelry after…
better dad after divorce

Single dads are better dads (& control freak moms ruin fathers)

  I’ve heard it time and again: While they they were married, he worked a bazillion hours, rarely helped around the house, barely made time for the kids and spent any free time or money doing whatever the eff he wanted. She was overwhelmed, angry, felt abandoned and worried – and the kids felt abandoned…
financial expert jean chatzky

Jean Chatzky: “Earning money makes me feel safe and independent”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   Jean Chatzky is a personal financial journalist, bestselling author of eight books and financial editor for NBC’s Today Show. Here we talk about” Focus on earning vs. skimping – especially for women. “Your financial life doesn’t work how much you save, if you’re…
single mom enjoying life

31 reasons being a single mom is AWESOME (according to readers)

  A while ago a member of Single Mom Society on Facebook said: “I’m a new mom, expecting in a few months. What POSITIVES can you tell me about single motherhood?” I responded with a few points, and invited other members to share. Here is what we said: From me why being a single mom…
Money mistakes single moms often make

5 single mom money mistakes to avoid at all cost

  Related: 11 steps to a rich life as a single mom Single mom money manifesto  Families lead by single moms are statistically poorer than other families. No big surprise there! After all, one income is less than two incomes, and one person to help manage a home and care for children is less than…
What to do if you are a mom paying alimony or child support

How to deal when you’re a mom who pays child support or alimony

  Increasingly, it is moms who pay their exes child support and alimony, and their vitriol about the matter is often far more acute than when payer and payee fall along traditional gender lines. Vanessa was stunned to learn that after her ex left her for a much younger neighbor, she had to pay him nearly $70,000 in alimony…
Reuters' Bobbi Rebell talks about her new book: Financial Grownup

#LikeAMother: Reuters’ Bobbi Rebell — be a financial grownup

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Why is everyone such a financial mess? Why do successful, highly educated women have zero idea what is going on in their finances — and abandon their financial power to men? What do really successful people have to say about money and success? Bobbi…
4 tips for teaching kids gratitude

How to teach your kids gratitude in 4 steps

When my kids get home from school this afternoon, they will walk into the apartment to find two frilly gift bags. Before we reach the door I will play up the surprise: Something is waiting for you! What can it be? Each gift will contain a new supply of underwear. They both need new chonies.…
Credit tips if you're divorced

Credit tips if you’re divorced or thinking about separating

When I was going through my divorce, one of the big question marks was my apartment. My ex had made more than me, plus of course, our combined incomes was higher than mine alone. Plus, the home was a fantastic investment, and moving would raise my cost of living significantly. Also, it was our home …
how do you define 'single mom'?

Who deserves to call themselves a “single mom”?

`Related: Why do so many married women want to join my single moms’ groups? How do you define ‘single mom’? The answer is complicated and rife with bitter debate. As can only happen in class-weird America, people in this great nation can be heard vying for the right to claim rights to refer to themselves…

Kim Garst, 3x social media entrepreneur, badass mom

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   In the 90s, social media entrepreneur Kim Garst was sick of being broke, so she launched a seven-figure business from her dining room table with no marketing. When she maxed out on that web design business, Garst became involved in a wildly successful network marketing business,…
afford be stay at home mom

You cannot afford to be a SAHM

The argument is over: You absolutely, positively cannot afford to be a fulltime stay-at-home mom. No need to delve into arguments about personal choice or what is good for children or families. That’s all been hashed out in the mommy wars. It’s not about those issues. This is about money. You. Cannot. Afford. To. Be.…
don't take alimony

Why you should never count on alimony

  Nearly 400,000 divorced women receive alimony — a critical topic when considering post-divorce life, feminism, the pay gap, and women’s empowerment — financial or otherwise. I feel very strongly that every single woman (indeed, 97 percent of people who get spousal support are women) should turn down any opportunity for alimony, aka spousal support,…
Where you live affects your ability to thrive as a single mom

This is what it’s like to be a single mom in NYC

  I wrote this a couple years ago, and the story is the same. Also, I will add very critical additions to the NYC single mom story: Dating as a single mom Nowhere in the world is there a higher concentration of interesting, successful, progressive men — many of them devoted dads. Men in NYC,…
laundry service

49 things moms should do instead of laundry

  I often hear from blog readers or friends incredulous cries: “How do you get so much done all the time! Do you ever sleep?!” (Spoiler alert: Laundry service.) Actually, Many nights I’m in bed by 9 p.m. (not proud of that, it is what it is), and I spend plenty of time dawdling on…
Divorce husband cheated

How to deal with divorce when your husband had affairs

    We’re negotiating our divorce settlement and I believe I should be compensated for losing the family I wanted. My husband cheated, decided to leave, and I now miss my kids half the time and don’t have a real family. I am so pissed I have to pay alimony! He was unfaithful — how is that…
mama gena pussy

Mama Gena, on NYT bestseller PUSSY: A Reclamation

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Earlier this year I interviewed an incredible woman, someone whose work has changed the way I feel about my body, sexuality, gender and life:  Regena Thomashauser, aka Mama Gena, who, through her in-person and online workshops called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and books by…
anna akbari

Anna Akbari: “Run your life like a startup”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Anna Akbari, PhD, is a sociologist, stylist, and author of the upcoming book: Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way To Happiness (St. Martin’s Press, January 2017). Preorder now: Akbari is more than your garden-variety stylist. She digs deep into your goals, fears and…

On sex and the single mom, with TheNewFamily’s Brandi Weikle

After supporting one another’s work for several years, Brandi and I finally met IRL this summer in Chicago.    One of my favorite projects going is TheNewFamily.com, and The New Family podcast, name — award-winning ventures by my friend Brandi Weikle. I’m so flattered she invited me to her podcast recently, where we chatted about…
like a mother podcast

Post-divorce, 1-year free pass to be a HOT MESS

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play I see it all the time, and you likely do, too. People fall apart when their marriages end. No matter if it is an amicable, Gweneth Paltro uncoupling, your decision or his, wether there was plenty of money or everyone is now destitute, divorce is…
marlena stell makeup geek

Makeup Geek’s Marlena Stell on her $20M business

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   I interviewed Marlena Stell for Forbes last year, and we’ve stayed friends since. This 36-year-old entrepreneur built MakeUp Geek, the once cosmetics blog, now-makeup brand on track for $20 million in sales — and she’s remained just as passionate, real and cool as…

The benefits of being a single mom with a good co-parent

Money has been in short supply lately. I’ve been getting by OK, but in my kids’ big picture — their whole family picture — there is not enough money for reasons that I allude to here. Suffice it to say, their dad is an important part of my kids’ lives, but when it comes to logistics…
Woman keep house in divorce

Should you keep the house in divorce?

When I got divorced I kept the house. I had a lot going for me: my ex moved out, unannounced (which left me legally entitled to it), I had a job and good credit. Plus we had a lot of equity in the home and mortgage rates have been at an all-time-low, so it wasn’t…
mom stop taking child support

“My drive to get off child support led to insane career growth”

  Erica, 32, a research biologist in Washington, D.C., is mom to a 3-year-old son (Erica asked I not use her last name). She sent me this email last week about how she stopped taking child support payments from her ex. So many lessons here. PLEASE READ! I have a three year old son, and…
ex cancels visits all the time and last-minute

When your kid’s dad cancels visits, or shows up unexpectedly

  One of single moms’ most common frustrations — and by frustrations, I mean ENRAGEMENTS — is dads who don’t stick to visitation schedules. This might man they fail to show up for scheduled visits, cancel at the last minute — or show up unannounced, or ask for last-minute visits, messing up your life and plans. Dads,…
let your ex see the kids whenever he feels like it

Why you can’t let your ex see the kids whenever he feels like it

  I recently met the mom of a teenager who had been divorced for more than 10 years. She hadn’t dated since her divorce, she said, because she didn’t have a predictable schedule. Her kid’s dad would show up without warning — and rarely stick to any pre-determined schedule. She felt his impromptu visits and failure…
cindy gallup

#LikeAMother: Cindy Gallup wants you to be a great lover

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Cindy Gallup wants you to be a great lover. The former longtime Bartle Bogle Hegarty ad exec, ‘Advertising Woman of the Year’ award from Advertising Women of New York, advocate for women in business, and now sex education entrepreneur, blew the TED world’s mind in 2009…
single mom travel

Stop being ‘just a mom’ and start being a cool woman

  I am writing from a charming apartment in Copenhagen (complete with wood floors, white walls, and minimalist, teak furniture — biked parked outside on the cobblestone walk), where I will spend the next three weeks living, working, traveling, hanging out with friends I met last year when I accomplished more or less the same…
home buyers mistakes

9 mistakes to avoid when home shopping as a single mom

  For most moms, your housing is your biggest expense — and if you own, your biggest investment. If you’re in the market for your first — or a different — home to buy, the price, of course, is one of the biggest considerations. My friends at Owners.com wrote a great post about what to consider: How…

Why Bad Moms is a feminist revelation

  Warning: Spoiler alerts abound. This weekend, I saw Bad Moms, the new film lead by Mila Kunis, which promised some cheap laughs. On that, it delivered. Proud to say, I cackled so hard at all the dick/drinking/SAHM jokes that two moms (wearing wedding rings, gotta point out) gave me dirty looks and left the theater.  What…

#LikeAMother: Sarah Megan Thomas’s film Equity: Women, Wall Street, sex and money

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Read my Equity, The Movie: Should Women Wield Sexuality To Get Ahead At Work? on Forbes. Really excited to announce this episode comes via Sanebox, a super-easy-to-use app that turned my email inbox from enemy to BFF. I used to have thousands and thousands…
like a mother podcast

#LikeAMother: Why do married people want single people to get married so freaking bad?  

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Really excited to announce this episode comes via Sanebox, a super-easy-to-use app that turned my email inbox from enemy to BFF. I used to have thousands and thousands of emails in my inbox that screamed at me every day to deal with them. Instead,…
coparent stepmom

Awesome co-parenting advice from mom/stepmom of 7!

  Jenny C posted the below on The real reason your ex doesn’t see the kids, which is one of the most shared and commented-on posts I have ever written. I appreciate that her advice comes from all angles, and is wise, practical and loving. Jenny C has four children from her first marriage, one together…

This single mom traveled alone for the first time with her kids. It was empowering, devastating and awesome.

 Bumping this up, as it was published last year, and is so lovely. Enjoy, and be inspired! Today I received this letter from a Canadian reader, Samantha. I love the bravery it exhibits — both in her story of mustering the courage to leave a bad marriage, then to venture out into solo vacationing with kids,…
dont worry find someone

Why married people saying, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll find someone’ is the the WORST

  I know this scene, and so do you: You’re chatting with a friend, maybe new, maybe old. Or your sister, cousin, mother or aunt. They are married. You are not. They ask if you’re seeing someone? Oh! you say.  I went out with someone last week. Let me tell you about him!  Or maybe…

#LikeAMother Special guest star: my daughter Helena!

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   Since her first appearance was such a wild success, my lovely, irreverent daughter Helena is back! In this episode we discuss: How we can better navigate the stressful morning routine Helena’s big reveal about her secret scat strategy for finding quiet reading time…
single mom personal loan

Should you take a personal loan to consolidate debt?

All views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Discover Products Inc. and its affiliates   “Emma, I’m drowning in debt!” I hear this all the time from moms who follow me, in emails, on Facebook and in Twitter messages. I feel for you! When I was starting my career, I…

How I got $10,919 in free travel with home exchanges

  I just did the math that led to that $10,919 figure and it blows my mind, too. Here’s the gist of it … over the past few years I have fallen in love with HomeExchange.com, a home swap platform that allows you to exchange homes with people all over the world. I’d used it once two…
like a mother podcast

#LikeAMother: Single mom money manifesto

  Listen. Take Note. Repeat. And, if you’re word-learned like me, you can read it: I will set big, giant scary goals for myself and family, regardless of what my family looks like, or what other people think I am capable of. I appreciate every single day that I live in a time of unprecedented…

Dating and the single mom: When do you come clean about having kids?

This is a story about single-mom dating etiquette, but it is also about single moms cruising for men together. It originally ran October, 2012. Having kids is often a deal-breaker when dating. That is OK. When it comes to dating, the possession of offspring is right up there with bisexuality (in men), herpes, smoking, being…
emma johnson single mom book

The Kickass Single Mom book!

I got an awesome book deal and am so freaking excited about it! (So is my kid.)   UPDATE: WANT TO PRE-ORDER THE BOOK? CLICK HERE! :)   I’m from the Midwest, and the No. 1 rule in the Midwest: Don’t think you’re too cute. In other words: Humility above all else. Don’t brag. Always keep…
lauren maillian

#LikeAMother: Lauren Maillian, entrepreneur, investor, author and proud single mom

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   I was stunned when, a couple months ago, I attended a media event for the Oxygen show, Quit Your Day Job (think SharkTank meets Survivor), where one of the panelists, and show co-host, Lauren Maillian took her turn at the mic, introducing herself. Some…

#LikeAMother: Amy Silverman on raising a child with Down syndrome

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play I’ve known Amy Silverman for more than 15 years, from when I worked with the Phoenix New Times award-winning journalist’s husband Ray Stern at another (now defunct!) Arizona newspaper. I remember when their second daughter Sophie was born, and how they contended first with…

Business lessons from my hustling 6-year-old

  I wrote this a couple years ago, but I just love this story, and this hustling kid. Have a read: Yesterday, Memorial Day, my kids and I joined some friends and my brother for a day of lounging in Central Park: playing catch, soccer, people watching, picnicking on cream-cheese-and-strawberry-jam sandwiches and otherwise enjoying the…
emma johnson united nations

I spoke at the United Nations and it gave me hope for women everywhere

    Last week was a real highlight. A next-level amazing experience that doesn’t happen every day. I was invited by the Foundation for Gender Equality to speak at their annual summit for women’s equality at the United Nations (hashtags #womenseconomicempowerment #planet5050. I believe I manifested this opportunity, as I’ve become increasingly interested in policy work, and was…
Sell your diamond engagement ring to afford wellness.

Clean out your Jewelry box and rid yourself of clutter

I’m a big fan of cleansing your life. Clutter is the enemy, and not just because stuff makes your home a mess, your closets, and drawers difficult to manage, and gives your housecleaner way too much work. Sell your bridal jewelry or other diamond jewelry to minimize this physical, mental and emotional clutter. Clutter — even…
like a mother podcast

#LikeAMother – Are you fibbing to promote your mom-identity?

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play A few anecdotes: The mom blogger who earns six-figures each year calls herself a “stay-at-home-mom.” (Not surprising: Pew found 40 percent of Americans believe (brace yourself for the horror) it HARMS children when their mothers work outside the home. The Columbia educated mom who…
Manon DeFelice inkwell

#LikeAMother: Manon DeFelice: “High-achieving women were dropping out, so I created a solution.”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Two years ago Manon DeFelice launched Inkwell, a recruiting agency specializing in placing high-level professional moms in positions with flexible or part-time schedules. In the past six months the agency grossed $500,000 in commissions, and is projected to hit 7-figures in 2016. Impressive numbers for DeFelice, a 35-year-old…

Don’t let the recent, tragic, violent single-mom dating stories paralyze you

  My social media feed has been blowing up the past few days with two different, tragic stories involving single moms dating monsters. First: Colorado mom Catherine St. Germain created a video that has gone viral, detailing her relationship and then marriage to a smart, hard-working single dad she’d known for 20 years. He sexually assaulted…
single mom date

“Good moms don’t date,” and 8 other lies single moms tell themselves about dating

    When I was newly single, with an infant and toddler, I ran into a neighbor I’m friends with in the elevator. “He’s moving out,” I said, barely holding back tears, the baby whimpering on my chest in a carrier, my daughter in the stroller between the middle-aged woman and me. “That’s too bad,”…
single mom mothers day

7 Mother’s Day wishes for you, gorgeous single mom!

  In case you missed it from last year: Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful single moms! Here’s why single mothers are awesome Writing you this in my robe, my kids are with their dad, I ate very good chocolate and lots and lots of coffee for breakfast, and am now thinking of my single…
emma johnson podcast like a mother

SAHMs lie about working, Unemployed moms lie about staying home. WTF?

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play I keep hearing women who work from home — some earning a lot of money — call themselves “stay-at-home moms.” Meanwhile, I see moms who are un- or under-employed who go out of their way to make sure that no one things they are…
Russ Thornton women divorce

#LikeAMother Russ Thornton: Women, money, divorce and getting your financial act together

“Divorcee is a fact of life, and I’ve seen divorce be a dark time in a woman’s life. I’ve also see women go on to find themselves and really shine.” Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   My friend Russ Thornton, the founder of Wealthcare for Women, a financial advisory focused on…
Rebecca-Traister all single ladies

Rebecca Traister of All the Single Ladies, why women are single

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   I’ve been a Rebecca Traister fan for a long time, ever since I saw the feminist political journalist interview one of my idols, the late Nora Ephron, at the 92nd Street Y nearly a decade ago (could that have been a more NYC…
single mom man of house

Hey single mom— Do you tell your son he’s the man of the house?

  Ever since he was a tiny boy, my son has been a little dude. By this, I mean he takes on typically masculine roles. Even when he was 3 years old, he would make sure his older sister and I stood behind the orange safety line while waiting for the subway train — maneuvering…
date guy doesn't see his kids

#LikeAMother: Don’t date men who don’t see their kids. Change the world!

Just 22 percent of dads who do not live in the same house as their kids are actively involved. That is bad for the kids, of course, because they miss out on a close relationship with their father. It is bad for the moms, who do not enjoy the emotional, logistical or time-off afforded by…
sandra Schwarzer soros

#LikeAMother: Soros Open Society Foundations’ Sandra Schwarzer wins 6-month parental leave

  What will it take to creating the parental leave and family-friendly policies in the workplace? First step – aggressive acts of bravery by moms inside the system. Including you. I call you to micro-aggrevate the system! Listen to see what I mean. Take a note from Sandra Schwarzer, global director of human resources at…
wendy paris divorce

Such thing as a ‘good divorce’? With Splitopia’s Wendy Paris

  Wendy Paris, journalist and mom, joins me to talk about the revolution afoot: There are in fact good divorces, and she can tell you how to have one. In her new and wonderful book, Splitopia, Paris explains the elements of a good divorce, how to achieve them, and the beauty of normalizing the end…
tell ex introduce boyfriend to kids

Why moms don’t have to tell your ex about your new boyfriend

  I often hear from moms who: Say that their ex freaked out when he found out she was dating, and how should she deal with him? Ask how she should tell her ex about her new boyfriend. Are livid her kids met her ex’s new woman. To all of these scenarios, I say: It is none…
emma johnson podcast like a mother

#LikeAMother: Whoa, I get interviewed?

  A few weeks ago my friend and podcast producer Chad Dougatz of Hangar Studios announced that he was going to interview me for my show. What?! Here you go! Why I stayed in the apartment I’d shared with my ex after my divorce. The realities of my Facebook / IG life vs. reality. Why…

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