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mom stop taking child support

“My drive to get off child support led to insane career growth”

Erica, 32, a research biologist in Washington, D.C., is mom to a 3-year-old son (Erica asked I not use her last name). She sent me this email last week about how she stopped taking child support payments from her ex. So many lessons here. PLEASE READ! I have a three year old son, and his…
coparenting rules ex cancels visits all the time and last-minute

When your kid's dad cancels visits, or shows up unexpectedly

One of single moms' most common frustrations — and by frustrations, I mean ENRAGEMENTS — is dads who don't stick to visitation schedules. This might man they fail to show up for scheduled visits, cancel at the last minute — or show up unannounced, or ask for last-minute visits, messing up your life and plans. Dads, if…
dont worry find someone

Why married people saying, ‘Don't worry, you'll find someone' is the the WORST

  I know this scene, and so do you: You're chatting with a friend, maybe new, maybe old. Or your sister, cousin, mother or aunt. They are married. You are not. They ask if you're seeing someone? Oh! you say.  I went out with someone last week. Let me tell you about him!  Or maybe…
How to tell a guy you are a single mom I haven’t told him I have a child

When should single moms tell a man she has kids?

This is a story about single-mom dating etiquette, but it is also about single moms cruising for men together.  Having kids is often a deal-breaker when dating. That is OK. When it comes to dating, the possession of offspring is right up there with bisexuality (in men), herpes, smoking, being a Republican, and refusal to…

Business lessons from my hustling 6-year-old

  I wrote this a couple years ago, but I just love this story, and this hustling kid. Have a read: Yesterday, Memorial Day, my kids and I joined some friends and my brother for a day of lounging in Central Park: playing catch, soccer, people watching, picnicking on cream-cheese-and-strawberry-jam sandwiches and otherwise enjoying the…
single mom date

“I'm too busy to date,” and 8 other lies single moms tell themselves about dating

When I was newly single, with an infant and toddler, I ran into a neighbor I'm friends with in the elevator. “He's moving out,” I said, barely holding back tears, the baby whimpering on my chest in a carrier, my daughter in the stroller between the middle-aged woman and me. “That's too bad,” she said.…
co-parenting rules tell ex introduce boyfriend to kids

Why moms don't have to tell your ex about your new boyfriend

I often hear from moms who: Say that their ex freaked out when he found out she was dating, and how should she deal with him? Ask how she should tell her ex about her new boyfriend. Are livid her kids met her ex's new woman. To all of these scenarios, I say: It is none of…
young guys looking for single moms

Why young guys want to date single moms? Cougar report

Quick answers: Moms are busy and confident, and don't demand commitment like younger, single women Young guys feel like a stud if they can sexually satisfy an older woman Mommy issues (sometimes) The trend has been fast and intense: In the four years I've been dating as a single mom, there has been a steep…
mother daughter podcast interview

#LikeAMother Mother-daughter interview with my Helena, 8

  My favorite episode yet! Super-special guest today … my daughter, Helena. This 8-year-old gorgeous pickle and I have a mother-daughter interview: What it's like to be a kid of divorce What she thinks about her mom dating Why kissing in movies makes her so embarrassed My proudest and best memories of motherhood How she feels…
co parenting rules golden uterus

Is your golden uterus making you a bad ex-wife and single mom?

Do you suffer from golden-uterus syndrome? Not sure? Maybe? Sometimes referred to as ‘maternal gatekeeping,' this is the act of a mother dictating a father's access and engagement with the children, a right presumed based on a woman's gender. This post by clinical psychologist Dr. Tara J. Palmatier, who specializes in working with men in…

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