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FlexJobs Review: Does this site really find high-paying work-at-home jobs?

This is what I hear from moms almost every single day: I want to work from home earning a good living, doing work that is interesting and challenging — not MLM bullshit. A real career, but where I can spend most of my time at home, in control of my hours, and therefore my life…
fighting over money divorce

7 reasons NOT to fight for money you’re owed from your ex

  Money is often cited as the No. 1 thing divorcing couples fight over. Financial disagreements clog the courts and wrack up attorney bills — not to mention burn untold units of stress and misery for each party, their children and anyone within earshot. This money-related financial tension carries over after breakups and divorce. Often,…

Single mom for Congress Katie Wilson [grant winner!]

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Create a life on your terms Download your FREE Kickass Single Mom Manifesto, the roadmap for thriving as a single mom, and a free chapter from my new book The Kickass Single Mom. Single mom Katie Wilson runs for Congress Katie Wilson, 34, single mom and entrepreneur,…

Ethos Review: Life Insurance for moms (the easy way)!

There are a nearly endless number of life insurance companies in the market, many of which offer policies to men and women of all age groups. But, what about life insurance for moms? While mothers can buy their life insurance from any reputable company just like anyone else, it might be worth looking into companies…

Best gifts for single moms

I recently asked members of my Facebook group, Millionaire Single Moms (have you joined yet?) what they would give to a friend whose divorce was just finalized, or even what they wished someone had gifted them when they were going through their separations. The response was overwhelming! So many mamas out there wished for such…

Why your arguments for alimony are wrong

I have a friend who had been married for 20 years. He had a high-earning career, and after spending her 20s in low-paid retail jobs, his wife stayed home full-time with the kids, until they were in high school, then worked part-time retail, tried to start a couple of craft businesses that went nowhere, and…

Who will take care of you as a single woman when you get old?

Man, things are real-life when you are a single woman. Nevermind if you’re a single mom. You could have a really great co-parent in your kids’ dad, remarry, make a ton of money with a successful business or career, inherit a bunch of dough and be all set when you retire — young enough to…
single mom life insurance

Affordable life insurance for moms

Here’s the thing with life insurance for moms: You know you’re supposed to have it, but you probably don’t because you think it is not affordable. Guilt and stress ensue. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Mama, you’re not alone … A recent survey found that 69% of single-parent households with kids at home are without…

Side Hustles: Why you need one and where to find it

 Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play In this episode, I discuss… Why you need a side hustle How to get one What makes a good side hustle Maybe you need a little extra cash (or a lot – hello, savings account!), maybe you’re bored with your current career, or you want to…

Stop telling me how cute I look. Please?

  I wrote this a few years ago, and stand by it today. It came to mind recently as I’ve noticed my daughter often compliments women’s appearances — including those she just met. I assume she is mimicking the behavior of other women (though not me!), who focus on each other’s clothes, figures, hair and…

Shared parenting research (is it really best for kids?)

First, let’s establish this right away: Shared parenting isn’t right for families where one parent struggles with addiction, there is a history of violence or abuse, or severe mental illness. As of April, 2018 Kentucky became the first state in the country with a “legal presumption” for joint custody in divorce proceedings. That means that when you…
wealth gap single moms women

Will this robo-advisor close the gender wealth gap? Qplum review

If you follow this blog, you know that I’m on a personal mission to help close the gender gap — with a special focus on getting women to earn, save, and invest more. It is not enough to qualify income for men and women. We also must ensure that women are saving and investing at…

The Single Mom Book List | What every single mom should be reading right now!

Readers are leaders! Whatever your single-mom related questions, issues, joys or challenges are, there is a single mom book for it. In fact, I wrote a book for you, too! Here is my list of vetted titles of books for single mothers, designed for you in whatever state of your journey, in no particular order……

After divorce you get a one-year pass to be a hot mess

Go ahead and get ugly. You’re entitled for one year.  Over the summer I visited a longtime friend. As we sat at the beach, our kids playing nearby, I noticed her hair was uncharacteristically oily and snarly. Her unkempt bush was bursting out the crotch of her green tank suit, and her toddler son sat nearby,…

Which dating site should single moms use?

If you’re new to online dating as a single mom, it can be totally overwhelming and confusing. Which sites are the best? Which are full of freaks and pervs? Where can you find nice guys? A fun date? Love? Hot sex? All of the above? [Better question: Where can I safely explore what I really…

Prize Rebel Review: Earn cash or gift cards taking surveys in your spare time

Do you have any free time at night after the kids are in bed? Wish you had something to do when you’re tired of watching Netflix? Maybe you get sick of scrolling Facebook and wish you could be more productive, or perhaps you’re bored and looking for a new hobby. Also: Are you broke as…
husband wife wants divorce

15 signs your husband or wife is ready to leave you

While there are times when both partners in a marriage are aware that a divorce is in the offing, other times one spouse might not be sure or even realize that the other is contemplating a departure. It is important to know the clues and be on the lookout for signs that your husband or…
make money online

How to make money with online surveys

If you’re angling to earn some spending cash but don’t want yet another J-O-B, there are a ton of side hustle options to consider. You could drive for Uber, run errands with TaskRabbit, or watch other people’s kids, for example. The best part is, many of these hustles let you work when you want, meaning…

Make money at home with online tutoring: VIPKid review

One of the most common questions I get from moms (single and married!) is: “How can I make extra money from home?” I understand why this is such a common challenge. After all, I have been a self-employed, work-at-home mom for 10 years — plus a few years before I became a mom. I list…
child misses father

What to tell your kid when their dad is not involved

  Dear Emma, When my daughter was six months old, her dad left and more or less never showed up again. There were a few visits for a few years, and a couple of visits to family court for child support, but since then we have not heard or seen from him. My daughter is now…

Personal Capital review: Track your wealth (for free!)

One of the most powerful steps in taking control of your finances, growing your money, paying off debt, and owning your future, is facing the truth. Fear of the facts — whether the actual sum of debt you owe, or how far you are from retirement, home ownership, or other goals — means women often…
soulmate divorce

Did your divorce story start with, “I knew he was the one!” ??

I wrote this a few years ago, and I so stand by it today. It came to mind when speaking with a 40-year-old, never-married friend who was recounting her recent dating exploits. It so resonated when she detailed the horrors of an otherwise promising man’s foibles: one failed to bring enough cash to the cash-only…

Survey Junkie Review

If you’re looking for a way to earn some “fun money” online, Survey Junkie is worth a look. This website promises to help you “become an influencer,” but not in the traditional way. Instead of spreading your influence via social media like Instagram models do, you’ll answer survey questions and consumer polls that advise companies…

Uber Eats Delivery Partner review: Good side job for single moms?

One question keeps coming up in my closed Facebook group, Millionaire Single Moms (have you joined yet? It’s a free, inspiring, online community for all the single mamas!): “How can I make more money?” Sometimes, the question is: “How the effing eff can I make some more money NOW?” In short, my answer: SIDE. HUSTLE.…
overbearing mom

I don’t live for my kids — that is my biggest gift to them

I recently overheard a mother proudly declare: “I live for my daughter.” Too bad for that little girl. And too bad for the mom. Parents who make their children the center of their universes mess up their kids, mess up themselves, and in the case of single parents — make serious relationships impossible. Don’t get…
erin lowry millennial

Erin Lowry: Personal finance for Millennials

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   First of all, how random that my colleague Erin Lowry, leading expert on Millennials and their money and author of the book Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together, and fellow money blogger, lives across the street from me in…
loren single mom grant cleaning business

From homeless to giving women livable wage jobs in her cleaning business [grant winner!]

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play Loren Guillory, Owner of First Stream Cleaning Loren Guillory moved to Dallas, only to have her new job fall through. Homeless and running out of resources, she found assistance, got on her feet, and created First Stream Cleaning. Starting her own business quickly boosted her esteem…

Tiller review: Easier budgeting with Google Sheets

Budgeting isn’t always easy, and that’s especially true when you have kids. In addition to regular bills, you have to juggle all the extra expenses that crop up throughout the month — school activities, doctor and dentist appointments, and demands for spending money, for example. If you’ve tried budgeting with pen and paper and found…

How to make meaningful memories with your kids – WITHOUT creating debt

 Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play I hear it all the time: “I’m spending money on things I cant afford, just so I can give my kids memories!” Mamas, that’s not helping anyone, especially not your kids. In my own life, the moments and rituals that meant the most, gave me comfort…
credit building cd loan

Self Lender review: Build credit with a credit-builder account

Do you have lousy credit, and feel like it is impossible to rebuild your credit history and score? Building credit can be difficult when you’re starting out, but it can seem impossible if you have poor credit already. It’s difficult enough to get banks to loan you money if your credit profile is thin, but…

Driving with Uber and Lyft: pros and cons for single moms

When it comes to earning extra money there are two rules: Work with what you have, and maximize your hourly rate. That is one of the reasons driving for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are so popular with moms: You use what you have (extra time, a car), and you can make a great…
pre-divorce checklist

The only divorce checklist you need

Here is a divorce checklist of things you need right now to move forward with your new life and family. Whether you are plotting to leave a bad (or even dangerous) relationship, or have already mutually and amicably agreed to part ways with your spouse, the key to a healthy breakup, in which both parties…

What single parents need to know about wills and estate plans

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   In this episode, LegalZoom’s Laura Goldberg joins me to answer listeners’ questions about how single moms can easily get a will and estate plan online: Why a will is so, so important. The expensive, heart-wrenching process that your loved ones face if you don’t have a…
debt relief

10 best debt consolidation companies of 2018

If you’re drowning in high-interest debt or tired of paying multiple bills each month, debt consolidation is a smart solution to consider. Whether your debt includes credit cards, student loans, medical bills or car payments, juggling these expenses can be stressful — or even impossible. By consolidating your debt into a single, new loan, you…
sell clothes online

ThredUp Review: Is online consignment worth it?

Whether you’re looking for ways to expand your wardrobe on a budget or cash in on nice clothes you no longer wear, consignment stores can be a solid option. Most consignment stores offer a broad selection of second-hand casual, business, and evening threads at much lower prices than you’d find in your local department store.…

How to protect your identity and credit in divorce or separation

When Mandi broke up with her longtime partner and the father of her daughter three years ago, she had many, many stresses: How would she care for her baby daughter? How would she stay on top of bills? What kind of life and future would her family now have? One thing that didn’t cross her…
respite care for special needs families

Single mom creates respite care program for special-needs families [grant winner!]

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play Jeannine Hamilton, serving other special-needs families with a break! Jeannine Hamilton, 43, of Little Rock, Ark., is a single mom of three. As the mother of an 8-year-old daughter with autism, she knows first-hand the financial, emotional and logistical challenges parents of these special kids face…
divorce bankrupt

How to get through divorce without going bankrupt

Fact: Divorce is one of leading predictors of both bankruptcy and home foreclosure. Women are especially prone to a long-term financial fallout from divorce. Within a year of the end of their marriages, women are three times more likely to live in poverty than men, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. The London School of…

Minimalist Living for Real Moms (with Liz Frugalwoods)

 Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play On today’s episode, I interview colleague, fellow blogger and friend Liz Frugalwoods. She’s a mother who – now in her early-thirties – is already retired. We discuss her definition of financial independence, the importance of a holistic (and realistic!) financial approach, plus tips for frugal living. Liz…
where find scholarship

How to get college scholarships (even if you’re not a genius)

Jocelyn Paonita says she was an average high school student. No outstanding test scores or talents. “The furthest thing from an athlete,” she says with a laugh. Yet, she secured herself more than $125,000 in scholarships to college — so much that she actually received a check each semester! In this Facebook interview, she shares with me…
how to be more confident

Do these 9 things to feel confident and sexy when you feel old, fat and gross

  Recently a mom on one of our boards posted:  I feel frustrated by a theme that keeps coming up: Love yourself first and foremost and then love will be drawn into your life. HOW EXACTLY does one, who has highly developed neuropathways of “not good enough” transition to the “I love myself” place? I…

What this single mom learned from caring for her dying parents

This is a guest post by single mom Cassi Upshaw, who lives in Gulf Shores, Ala., with her son.  I cared for my mom for roughly seven years. She was on disability, from a kidney disease that was incurable. Over the years, it quickly went from her helping care for my son and helping me…

Easy trick to forgive your ex (and anyone else you’re angry at)

 Ever feel like your beef with someone – maybe with an ex, or even a friend or a boss – is getting to your head? Maybe you feel the negative effects of a grudge sending you spinning, weighing you down. I’ll admit it. I have a very active mental life, emotional life, creative life,…
Best saving accounts for single moms

9 Best savings accounts for moms

, Every mom needs a savings account in her own name, arguably more than the average American. After all, statistically, we are more likely to be fully responsible for the care and cost of children, and less likely to benefit from a spouse or large Social Security check later in life. More than half of…
SAHD entrepreneur

Why being a stay-at-home dad stopped working for this entrepreneur

  Guest post from my friend, fellow journalist, author and entrepreneur, Damon Brown. Damon coaches solopreneurs and side hustlers. He is author of The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, the latest in the best-selling series. Get a special rate for his new self-guided creative business income boot camp as well as free videos, guides, and coaching at JoinDamon.me.…
women retirement

Common investing mistakes women make

Here is the irony: According to many studies, women are actually BETTER investors than men, but, statistically, we save and invest far less than dudes — even though we NEED more money over our lifetimes. After all: Women live longer than men Women are far more likely to have the expense of caring for children…
stay at home wives back to work

How stay-at-home moms hurt gender equality

When I push back against the stay-at-home mom fantasy — the myth that children fare better when mothers do not work, and that this lifestyle benefits anyone at all — I am often met with: “What do you care? We should respect all women’s choices in the spirit of sisterhood!” Wrong. When women chose to…
parental alienation law

Parental alienation information center

  I have written extensively on the importance of the movement towards shared parenting. There are 55-peer reviewed studies that prove that shared parenting is best for children in separated and divorced families — when time is split approximately equally between homes — including in high-conflict situations. Very closely related is the recognition by courts…
credit repair review

Should you pay for credit repair?

  One of your greatest tools to building wealth is your credit score. With a solid credit score and history, you have access to interest rates, including a mortgage for a home, a car, good rates on your credit cards and student loans. Credit scores are also used by employers to vet job candidates, and…
egg donor single mom

Why I will tell my daughter to have babies young

I wrote this post a few years ago, and want to give it some more attention, especially in light of the new attention the egg-freezing industry is receiving. See, for the last decade, feminists have been loving the new push for young, professional women to freeze their eggs to give them more flexibility in finding…
single mom sandwich generation

Tips for caring for your aging parents — when you are a single mom

Patrice is a smart, hardworking single mom with limited involvement from the father of her two elementary-school-aged kids. She works full time as support staff at a logistics firm, while she runs a tight ship she consistently feels like she has her hands full. Then suddenly, her 67-year-old mom, who lives two hours away, experienced…

Best money saving tips for single moms

  When it comes to saving money for single parents, my advice is simple: Shop less Focus on maximizing time vs. money Focus on quality over quantity — this is true for products you buy, as well as life experiences. I prefer three weeks in Vietnam with my kids over three days at Disney. The…
keep house in divorce

Should you do a cash-out mortgage in your divorce?

When I got divorced eight years ago, one of the biggest sources of stress — and confusion — was where I would live, and what my ex and I would do with our home. When he moved out, I stayed in the New York City apartment we’d bought together a few years before. There was…

Simple meal planning tips for single moms

As a single mom, and for so many moms I know, the most stressful part of your day is dinner. And breakfast. And lunch. Shopping, stocking, prepping, baking, warming, and cleaning (or not …) is weighed down with the pressure to make sure your kids are not getting [at least some marginal sum of] nutritional…
children personal finance

Investing for kids (simple steps to get them started)

Here is my beef with the financial services industry, as well as pretty much every financial writer I have ever encountered: They all make money too complicated and confusing. The average person who is not passionate about personal finance knows they should save and invest. But the information, instructions, and infrastructure (like brokerage accounts) in the…
perfection and single mom

This single mom was so focused on others she had to freeball it to church

  This is a guest post from single mom Danyel Clarke, who lives in Claremore, Oka., with her two-year-old and a puppy.  If you were to walk into my house, you’ll almost think I have my crap together. My son’s room and bathroom are always perfect. Living room, kitchen and dining room are almost always…
ellevest for women

Why it’s important for women to invest: An Ellevest review

I’ve been hearing a lot about Ellevest, a robo-advisor created by and for women. I was intrigued. After all, it is one if my life’s missions to get more women to take control of their money, and save and invest for their dreams now, as well as the future. If I have said it once,…
childhood holiday memory

How a lobster delivery 30 years ago ruined Christmases to come

  I wrote this a few years ago, and it is fun to revisit — I consider it an accomplishment to share and laugh about painful experiences, and this is a particularly absurd and twisted one. Funny how life comes full-circle. Today I live in New York City, where my dad is from, and where…

Worthy.com review: My experience selling a diamond ring online

I’ve had a long-standing relationship with Worthy.com, an online marketplace for selling your diamond engagement ring, heirloom and estate jewelry, watches and other jewels. There are lots of reasons that I chose to work with them, including their A+ Better Business Bureau rating, that a casual search online revealed mostly positive posts, and, because increasingly,…
single moms volunteer

Kickass single moms giving back

  For the December Kickass Single Mom Grant, I divided the gift up into 10, $100 grants to support the efforts of single moms who are giving back this holiday season. Here are they are: Women who contribute to their communities, country, world. The value of The Kickass Single Mom grant is not just supporting…

Single mom holiday manifesto

  I wrote this a couple of years ago, and revisit each holiday season for both myself and readers. I admit that the holidays are hard for me personally — so much pressure to make them memorable, spend more than I’m inclined to, and be cheerful when I often feel lonely and overwhelmed. Last year was…
single parent tax

What every single parent needs to know about taxes

Gah! Taxes! No one likes them (except maybe accountants and sadists), but you and I know we have to deal with them. As a single mom or dad, there are specific considerations you must take when filing your taxes — things your married parents don’t have to deal with, and stuff that your friends without…
incest victim and her mom

“My husband was raping our daughter.”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   Tiffany Horsely is a Kansas nurse, mom of three, and she has no shame about sharing that her ex husband molested and raped for more than four years their oldest daughter, Robyn. At age 17, depressed and despondent, Robyn found the courage to tell…
robo advisor no minimum

Betterment review — good for new investors?

Betterment is one of the biggest and most established robo-advisors, and after opening my own account, and doing deep research, I understand why. Robo-advisor defined: A robo-advisor is an online platform that manages your money without a lot (or any) human interaction. The fact that this process is handled by computers and not humans has…
more millennial moms single

How Millennials are redefining single motherhood

Like every generation in recent history, Millennials are redefining parenthood — and one of the most dramatic shifts is the rise of single motherhood among new moms. Meta trends around women in 2017 are intertwined with the recent surge in the number of single mothers in recent decades. A full 64 percent of Millennial moms report having…

Should you change your name after divorce? Here’s how ….

Recently a newly single mom messaged me: “Can you please write about a name change after divorce? I don’t want to share my name with my ex-husband anymore, but my two young sons were devastated at the thought that I would have a different name than them. They said, ‘Mommy, we’re a tribe.’ I see…
single mom african american

“Don’t cry for me, I’m a black single mother”

Photo credit: J. Ballet This is a guest post by Shana Swain. Shana is a full-time mother, bartender, and freelance writer. She contributes to the Huffington Post and the Lowcountry Herald, and her personal blog is Feedmetipme.wordpress.com   Boiling tears scalded my cheeks as I tried to swallow nausea to brush my teeth. The reflection in…
mama gena pussy

Mama Gena, her new book PUSSY: A Reclamation, and the power of PJ

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   I interviewed Mama Gena in April, 2016, before her book came out in September of that year. As you will hear, late in the interview she wonders if the world is ready for her message, this book, and the word Pussy. The week Pussy: A Reclaimation came…
selling estate jewelry

Why you should (probably) sell your heirloom jewelry

Recently, I was chatting with my good friend Sarah, who mentioned that she’d inherited her beloved grandmother’s large antique sapphire-and-diamond brooch. I was surprised to hear this — after all, I’ve known Sarah for years, and see her a couple times per month. I’ve never seen or heard about this knock-out heirloom bling! “Oh, it…

Your first wife was a stay-at-home mom? Single moms won’t date you

  Recently there was a very interesting discussion in my Millionaire Single Mom closed Facebook group (join us!) that addressed the challenges of dating men whose first wives were full-time stay-at-home wives. A number of women refuse. Reasons include: Men whose only example of a long-term romantic partner is someone who cared for the daily minutiae of…
Vanessa Osage sexuality educator

Kickass Single Mom: Sexuality educator Vanessa Osage

  I chose this month’s grant winner because her mission is so very apropos of this chapter of women’s empowerment. The Harvey Weinstein accusers, and the web of silent compliance around this powerful man is really just the result of millennia of women’s pent up silent suffering, marginalization, and separation from their sexual power. Weinstein…

Who tells single moms’ kids nice things about their mom?

In the past few weeks I had really sweet experiences with friends’ paying lovely compliments to me via my kids. Like last night when my neighbors came for dinner with their new baby, and over stew and winter salad Helena complained how her mom (that would be me) yelled at her in the mornings. “Well,” my friend…

My secrets to an awesome single mom life

  Get the Kickass Single Mom Manifesto from the #1 Bestseller, The Kickass Single Mom!   Learn more about the book, reviews and where to buy it on this page, The Kickass Single Mom.   Every day I hear from a mom who is facing single motherhood– either she is considering divorce, found out she is…
Tiffany The Budgetnista Aliche

Tiffany the Budgetnista: The financial industry discriminated so she started a revolution

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play This interview is a from the archives, and my admiration for Tiffany Aliche grows. We have become friends and she recently hosted me in her Live Richer Academy, which is part of her seven-figure business that has grown to include more than 300,000 women. I am constantly inspired…
Shannon-McLay-The-Financial-Gym-women investing

How to get started investing for women

I am on a personal mission to get women to save and invest more. There are some fascinating studies that find that women are actually better at investing than men, but they save and invest far too little, too infrequently, which puts us at a huge disadvantage. The wealth gap is a terrible issue, as women have far less…
single mom statistics

Single mom statistics (prepare to have your mind blown)

Who are single moms today? Who do they really represent in today’s society? These single mom statistics, facts and figures might (okay, will!) surprise you! Single mom statistics There are 10 million single mother-lead families in the United States [1]. This is 3x the number in 1960. In addition: 25% of families are headed by…
single mom harvey grant

Kickass Single Mom Grant Tanai Benard: Helping Hurricane Harvey victims

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   Tanai Bernard was famous for her blog Four Deep Around the World, in which she chronicled living in the Middle East with her three kids, teaching school, and traveling the globe. Today she is stateside, teaching and raising her kids in Houston. When Hurricane Harvey…
is it okay to be a non custodial mom

Are you a mom who wishes you were the non-custodial parent?

Could being a non-custodial parent actually be desirable?  I hate to admit it, but motherhood has been very difficult for me. I love my daughter beyond all reason, but as a ‘thinking’ woman, it has taken away a part of my spirit. I can’t help but feel a deep resentment that I gave up so…
how to be a better wife use his and her bathrooms

25 ways I will be a better wife next time, and great quotes about marriage

It’s easy to diss your ex. But, if it really does take two, what were your shortcomings in the relationship? What will you do differently next time? We could probably all learn how to be a better wife, and I’m no exception. For marriage to be a success, every woman and every man should have…

Why women need to start talking about money, like now!

Forgive me while I break a writing rule and employ a cliché: Knowledge is power. But, you knew that, right? Then why do you refuse to start talking about money? Talking about the nitty-gritty of your financial life is one of the most empowering things you can do for your career. Sharing salary information with colleagues…
negotiate a pay raise

How to negotiate a pay raise (the right way)

Ever felt like you should negotiate a pay raise? I mean, who doesn’t like more money, especially when you know the market is paying higher elsewhere (or, dare we say, within the same company)? Ready to ask for that higher salary right now? In this post you will learn: What to Focus On: It’s business,…
naama bloom period book girls

Naama Bloom: Periods, panty crust and other puberty realities girls need to hear

  Naama Bloom is best know as the founder of HelloFlo, the mail-order feminine product platform that shot to viral fame with its hilarious videos like ‘Camp Gyno,’ ‘First Moon Party,’ and ‘A Vistit from Aunt Flo.’ On one hand, we should all be so grateful that Bloom and her startup got us talking, laughing,…
working mom guilt

“Babies inspired me take bigger risks and achieve in my career,” Jeanie Ahn

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play I recently met Jeanie Ahn at Yahoo! Finance, where she interviewed me for her show “The Payoff” (catch it on book launch day: Oct. 17!). Afterwards, we chatted about New York City schools, motherhood and work. Some of her comments struck me as remarkable and universal,…
kickass single mom

I have a single-mom mafia. Are you a member?

    In assessing my 2017 business, I’ve realized that huge chunks of my income and success can be attributed to other single moms who have worked with me, advocated for me and went to bat on my behalf. My book agent? Single mom. Acquiring editor for The Kickass Single Mom? Single mom. Big contracts…
sarah shaw consulting

Sarah Shaw: “I made millions because I never took ‘no’ for an answer”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   Sarah Shaw is a normal woman — Colorado single mom of two — who has spent her career dressing, collaborating and selling fabulous handbags to the most famous people in the world. Her secret? “I never take no for an answer.” Career highlights, that you’ll…
Engendered gender equality

Kickass Single Mom: Entrepreneur works for global gender equity

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play Coming out of her own marriage, Erin Williamson, 39, of Seattle, realized that because she did not have equal income in her marriage, she did not share equal power. So she set out not only to change her own financial autonomy, but committed to ensuring that…
wives do more housework

Let’s give housecleaning for gifts and save relationships

  People keep getting divorced. A lot. Rates have been around 40-50 percent for more than four decades. Younger people aren’t getting married, marriage rates hitting historic lows. Married women are pretty freaking unhappy. Researchers found: “The average married woman is less happy than the average married man, less happy than single women, less convinced…
alaina shearer womenin.digital

Single mom was sick of career sexism, started global community

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   Alaina Shearer faced sexism throughout her media career. In her early radio jobs, male co-hosts complained when she didn’t laugh at their sexist jokes. Then she was fired. A hiring manager at a big radio station asked if she planned to get pregnant soon. Why?…
single mom entrepreneur

Kickass Grant Winner: Caring for women by growing a beauty business

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play Being kickass, and being an activist, can come in many forms — often quieter and more private. That is what drew me to Teri Teves, a Portland, Ore., single mom of one, who switched careers from advertising to cosmetology, specifically lash extensions. Her new career gave…
helicopter parent finance

Does helicopter parenting make you broke?

Plenty has been written about the drastic downside of helicopter parenting — or the practice of hovering over our children, protecting them from every discomfort and failure, that they grow up to be incompetent, anxious adults with a sense of entitlement so crippling it stands to undo our economy (sorry to blame you for everything,…
molly ward affluent women

Molly Ward: Helping affluent single women overcome money fears

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   Yes, it is true: Rich women have issues, too. Molly Ward, CFP, should know. One of the most successful financial advisors in the country and a single mom, Molly is one of those rich single women. Molly was raised in one of the most affluent…
Dr. Susan O'Malley

How she did it: Med school at 35, single and 6 months pregnant

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   Dr. Susan O’Malley is pretty awesome. With her thick New York accent, this lifelong underachiever, secretary with no more than a high school diploma, set out at age 30 to become a physician. She did it. In this interview, I interview this amazing, charming woman…
single mom wealth

How to get out of BROKE when the world is stacked against you

    This was posted in Millionaire Single Moms, my closed Facebook group (which has 7,201 members as I write!), for which the mission statement includes: This is a mastermind of single moms who are committed to growing their careers, businesses and personal wealth, who think BIG, and refuse to accept that exterior challenges define…
Arianna Huffington sleep Emma Johnson podcast

Arianna Huffington on sleep, ego, wellness and single motherhood

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play Over the past few years I’ve totally prioritized getting a lot of sleep — at least 9 hours, which means going to bed just after tucking in my 7 and 9 year-olds! The difference is incredible: More energy, never sluggish in the mornings (OK, most mornings!),…
single mom grant doula

Kickass Single Mom Grant: A doula for low-income new mothers

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play When Tiara Caldwell gave birth to her twins, she was distraught when hospital staff kept the newborns from her for more than 11 hours. Nurses assumed that she didn’t want to nurse. She felt she was discriminated against because she is African American, and she was…
parental alienation

Parental alienation: A call to change parenting culture — and law

 Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play On this Like a Mother episode I interview film maker Ginger Gentile, whose latest project is Erasing Family, a documentary about parental alienation. Award-winning documentarian and herself a victim of parental alienation, Gentile’s work focuses on the now-adult children who grew up without knowing a…
single mom road trip

7 tips for taking a road trip with little kids as a single mom

  I am writing this from a plane with my kids on the way from our NYC home to Chicago, where we will spend two weeks visiting friends and family, and the places where I grew up in a small town in Northern Illinois.  This pilgrimage has become an annual tradition. It started out as…
Rebekah Borucki meditation

Rebekah Borucki: Change Your Life In 4 Minutes of Meditation

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   I do yoga. Believe in therapy (in some cases. Lead a horse to water, you know?). Try to eat organic and have had my sanity saved by acupuncture. I pray, try very hard to make ecological decisions at every opportunity, and respect most…
Loretta+McCarthy.female founders

Few female founders get funded. Loretta McCarthy is changing that

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦  Google Play   A few months ago I was thrilled when the lovely woman I was chatting with at an industry event introduced herself as Loretta McCarthy managing partner, Golden Seeds. I knew about Golden Seeds, which was the first angel-seed network that exclusively supports women-lead companies, founded 12…

Are single-parent families whole families?

  I wrote the below a few years ago. I stand by it — and then some. In fact, I’ve started to look at two-parent, monogamous, heterosexual families as kind of weird. Statistically, they are a 49 percent minority — a figure poised to plummet in our lifetimes. After all, 57 percent of Millennial moms…

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