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How to tell a guy you are a single mom I haven’t told him I have a child

Jun 25 2016

When should single moms tell a man she has kids?

Maybe you're new to dating as a mom, or think he won't be interested if he knows you have children. When and how to tell a man you have kids.
mother daughter podcast interview

Mar 17 2016

#LikeAMother Mother-daughter interview with my Helena, 8

Touching podcast interview with the host's 8-year-old daughter on what it's like for a child of divorce

Oct 9 2015

11 things I don't give a $#!T about since becoming a single mom

My priorities completely changed since becoming a single mom. I can't believe what I used to care about and am grateful to keep it real now!
why absent father

Jan 12 2015

The real reason your ex doesn't see the kids

It's devastating when your kids' father doesn't see them. Find out why your kid’s father is absent and get tips for engaging an absent father.