Why outsourcing my tax returns is the smartest thing I’ve done

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I write extensively about how my secret sauce to building a lucrative business that affords me lots of time with my kids is outsourcing. From laundry to housekeeping, to a myriad of services for my business, if I tried to do it all, all the time, I would be stressed, angry and broke.

The key is to identify what activities in your professional and personal lives that you are good at and enjoy, and which tasks are best left to people who are better at it. Find those people or resources, pay them, and never look back!

The very first thing that falls into the latter category (possibly even before laundry, though that is questionable), is your taxes. This year the tax code is 2,600 pages long. I have never seen that IRS document, and I hope I never do. If you handed it to me today, I would not use it for toilet paper, because I would be afraid to bore my poop. I never want anything to do with that bundle of information, except figure out how to deal with it in the quickest, cheapest way — and pay as little as I am legally obliged under federal and state law.

Thankfully, there are very nice, competent people who do enjoy reading the tax code, and taking my hard-earned money to help me achieve my goals. The best service I have found this year is H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go — an online service that matches you with a qualified human tax professional who will fill out and file your tax returns online, and within 5 business days. One of the big perks is that this is so, so, so easy to use, transparent and affordable. Prices start at $60 for federal and one state filing, and you know your entire fee upfront — and clearly.

Here is how it works to quickly file your taxes online:

1. Go to H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go

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2. Tell them about yourself. I really liked how the simple website is easy-to-use and navigable.

[This is all taking a matter of seconds, by the way.]

free tax prep

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3. Get assigned a human tax professional and see what the damage is. My new BFF who is going to save me so much money is Misty Pond. The cost to file my taxes is $479 — one of the higher prices out there because I have kids, a mortgage, and own a business in New York City which has one of the most complicated (and expensive!) tax codes in the country. I also give to charity and sold some stock, so that adds to my filing fee. Your fee may be higher or lower, depending on your situation.

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4. I wanted to check out this Misty character, which H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go allows you to do, easily. This is what I found, and really made me feel comfortable:


5. The site then asked me to upload and send my tax docs to Misty, right from the website. Super easy and fast. Plus, if you don’t have all your docs right now, you can save your account and come back to it later. Pretty cool!

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6. The next day, Misty called me (she is a real person named Misty, just like her profile said!) and let me know that she had all my documents. If anything is missing or needs explanation, your tax professional will ask you about it — and you can ask anything you want, too.

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7. Then I waited a couple of days. If you have questions or forgot to send some info, you can call H&R Block or your Misty at any time.

8. Within those 5 business days, your H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go associate will email with your final filing, along with an explanation, and asks for your approval. You can ask questions at any time. That is when you pay, and the filing is made. Or, you can use any returns to cover your filing fee, and pay nothing. This is the best combination of fast, online service PLUS that human touch that I really appreciate when dealing with something that is as big of a deal as taxes.

This whole process literally took me a matter of minutes — including hunting down tax documents and sitting my butt in the chair. The hours it would have taken me to fill this out on my own is so worth any sum of (tax deductible) fees my business pays for this service. Outsource like a mother!

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