There is no getting around the fact that money and career are a challenge when you’re a single parent. But take it from me: you can thrive financially and professionally—even without a husband. In fact, if you’re like me, you may find that getting out of an oppressive marriage liberates you to reach new professional heights. Or maybe the fear of poverty motivates you to take new risks—and reap the rewards.

I’m getting divorced. Am I destined for destitution?

Nope! Here’s my manifesto for thriving financially as a single mom: Single mom doesn’t mean welfare mom

Financial independence for single moms 101

Here’s my 11 steps for thriving financially as a single mom. A must-read!

I am so angry at my ex—he owes me a ton of money!

I believe in fighting for what you’re owed, but sometimes it pays to let it go. Read 6 reasons not to fight for what you’re owed in divorce.

I want to create a whole new wonderful life for my kids and me, but I feel stuck in my crappy life. Help!

A reader wrote in with this situation, and I outlined a roadmap to help her take some measured risk and create a fabulous new life for her family.

My dream is to work for myself—from home—and spend lots of time with my kids.

That was my dream, too. And I did it! Here’s a guide to inspire you.

I feel so guilty I have to work as much as I do.

You and every other professional mother. The thing is: Women have been financial contributors to their families since the dawn of humanity. It’s high time we get over our Madonna-Whore complex about being a working mom. You can be awesome at both!

I’m thinking of leaving my husband but he controls all the money. Help!

Every adult needs financial autonomy. If you have found yourself without any, read this post about why you need to get some dough of your own, and how.

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