#LikeAMother This is what it’s like when a dad moves out

dad move out of house

Me and Chad Dougatz, of Dad’s Pad and Hangar Studios


What’s it like when a dad moves out of the house in the middle of divorce?

In this episode I interview my friend Chad Dougatz, of Hangar Studios, the genius behind this and other amazing podcasts, including Chicken Soup For the Soul. Chad, who is launching his own show on this process, Dad’s Pad, just moved out his family house a few days prior.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it feels like to live separately from his kids.
  • The logistical and emotional maneuvering when one of your kids is technically a stepchild.
  • Dating. Now? Too soon?
  • Ikea. Because Ikea is always involved in these situations.


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