#LikeAMother Splitsville’s Tara Averill: ‘Divorce is normal, and it’s OK to leave a marriage to grow up’

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In this episode Tara Averill shares her inspiration for founding Splitsville.com, a site and community dedicated to normalizing and exploring all the ways people couple and uncouple — and how to do it better.

We dig into the realities of how messy, complicated, wonderful and unchartered these territories are. I share about how we met (I went on an OKCupid date with her ex-husband, google-staked her and was intimidated by this gorgeous woman), what we will tell our daughters about marriage, commitment and sex, and … Are these really just white people problems?

In this episode I we discuss:

  • Divorce is NORMAL. Is that good or bad?
  • Romantic love — does it die or fade?
  • How messed up it is that we’re expected to play with our kids all the time.
  • Is it OK to prioritize your sexuality as a single mom?
  • Is marriage obsolete?
  • What does a happy relationship look like?
  • What is the endgame of the divorce revolution?


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2 thoughts on “#LikeAMother Splitsville’s Tara Averill: ‘Divorce is normal, and it’s OK to leave a marriage to grow up’

  1. This is ridculous. Divorce is NOT normal. Couples who think they have to leave a marriage to “grow up” shouldn’t have married in the first place. In order to be ready for marriage a person has to already be grown up. Marriage is a life-long commitment and if a person can’t make that kind of commitment to another person, then they aren’t ready for marriage. Being married means that you are flexible, change with the times and adapt to changing situations that inevitably arise during the course of your life together. You are committing to another person with their own “baggage” and they are committing to you with all your “baggage”. Love really does conquer all when there is true love in the relationship to begin with. When things get overwhelming, running away or breaking up is never the answer. Bring in a 3rd party to difuse and discuss situations and get you back on the right track, if necessary. A good example is when your kids are teens – boy, is that a trying time for any marriage. But if you work together to fix any problem, then you are on your way to a successful marriage.

  2. i think in marriages the both parties should get to know each order dislike and like,if the natural love of God is not there,then i think both of this persons are lost.having a long time relationship as to do with love trust honestly.and going into marriage get to do with the help of God almighty.i believe with this you can be on the right track to go about your love life.

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