#LikeAMother: Soros Open Society Foundations’ Sandra Schwarzer wins 6-month parental leave

sandra Schwarzer soros


What will it take to creating the parental leave and family-friendly policies in the workplace?

First step – aggressive acts of bravery by moms inside the system.

Including you. I call you to micro-aggrevate the system! Listen to see what I mean.

Take a note from Sandra Schwarzer, global director of human resources at Soros Open Society Foundations, the largest nonprofit organization in the world. Schwarzer shares about her own macro-aggression inside her company, how she fought hard for a new policy for all its 1,600 to receive 6 months parental leave, half of it full pay, three months 70 percent pay — with tons of flexibility of how they chose to use it — including in the U.S. offices. Men and women, and any family situation they choose.

In this episode Schwarzer talks about what it took to make happen what she calls her “greatest career achievement to date.”

  • Why companies of all sizes benefit from generous parental leave.
  • The financial ROI on strong family policy.
  • Argument for taking care of employees, who, ultimately take care of employers.


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