#LikeAMother Russ Thornton: Women, money, divorce and getting your financial act together

Russ Thornton women divorce

“Divorcee is a fact of life, and I’ve seen divorce be a dark time in a woman’s life. I’ve also see women go on to find themselves and really shine.”

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My friend Russ Thornton, the founder of Wealthcare for Women, a financial advisory focused on divorced women. He’s seen it all!

  • Why every person in a marriage has to know all about all the money, all the time — no matter how things have always been done.
  • “Women cannot afford to sit back and stick their heads in the sand or up their asses and just hope and pray things will work out.”
  • Why the most affluent families often have the nastiest skeletons in their pretty closets.
  • The nitty-gritty on life insurance, wills, retirement and budgeting post-divorce.
  • “Do not rely on anyone to take care of your financially.”



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