#LikeAMother Denise Duffield-Thomas on practically, magically manifesting money, success and love

Denise Duffield-Thomas

A few months ago I was complaining to friend and Like a Mother guest and business Jenn Scalia about feeling stalled in my career. “I can’t work with you until you get through your money blocks,” Jenn said, matter-of-factly. You might remember that Jenn went from earning a $38,000 salary to a profit of $400,000 in two years. She credits the work of Denise Duffield-Thomas, a money mindset coach and author of Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.  I paid attention.

Fast-forward two months. I’d read Thomas’s book. I love how she offered very clear, reasonable, actionable steps for manifesting what I wanted (in this case: MONEY). She was funny and real, not pretentious, new-agey or annoying in any way.

Guess what? Money started flowing into my life. Career goals I set magically manifested. Key people I needed on my team suddenly were introduced. Even smaller things — like my brother gave me his old TV, which was on my to-buy list for Christmas. I met others who had the same experience with Thomas. I bought a stack of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and gave one to each of my ambitious girlfriends for Christmas.

Here I interview Denise Duffield-Thomas. Just as her videos and book suggest, she is warm, funny and real as she dished — very pregnant with her second child — from her home on the beach in Australia. In this episode Thomas shares:

  • Her own experience growing up around poor single moms, and how that shaped her life.
  • The first giant manifestation — an around-the-world, all-expense-paid trip — created a roadmap for Thomas’s future career and success.
  • How to manifest money so it is a source of good (and not evil).
  • How creating a business has freed so many women from the limits of male-run corporate life.

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2 thoughts on “#LikeAMother Denise Duffield-Thomas on practically, magically manifesting money, success and love

  1. This was so inspiring! I’ll definitely be looking out for more from Denise!
    She’s right on about people celebrating things like taking out a huge mortgage but then being scared to invest in a conference or other major investment. It also took me a long time to break out of the “must do what I can to save money!” mindset and it’s partly why struggled to get good clients who paid well– and yes, decluttering beliefs is a huge part of it!

    1. So true. Her book is awesome — really practical, actionable steps that will change your life. I have to post the pic of the stack of her Lucky Bitch books I gave to all my friends for xmas :) xxx

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