#LikeAMother – Are you fibbing to promote your mom-identity?

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A few anecdotes:

  • The mom blogger who earns six-figures each year calls herself a “stay-at-home-mom.” (Not surprising: Pew found 40 percent of Americans believe (brace yourself for the horror) it HARMS children when their mothers work outside the home.
  • The Columbia educated mom who left her banking position owning to burnout and yearning to spend more time with her kids defensively tells all new acquaintances:  “I’m NOT staying home. I’m consultingworkingparttimevolunteering!”

How do you define yourself as a mom? Is it by what you value (professional mom vs SAHM)? Or what you’re actually doing at that moment?

Does it matter?

In this episode I share my thoughts on this: Yes it does matter. Because by lying about not earning and working when you do, you perpetuate sexist stereotypes and parenting myths that hold women back.

Have a listen.



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2 thoughts on “#LikeAMother – Are you fibbing to promote your mom-identity?

  1. Very interesting! For some women, being a stay-at-home mom is a status symbol. I recently met a couple of women whose husbands are very successful who quit their jobs even before the babies were born. They proudly brag about it..probably because they have nothing else to do. But still, it’s strange.

    1. It is indeed a status symbol! It suggests that the woman is pretty/charming/attractive enough to snag a rich husband — and for men, that he is successful enough to afford one.

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