#LikeAMother Budgeting like a mother with Lauren Greutman of IAmThatLady.com


I love Lauren Greutman. I mean, who else can talk about coupons and budgeting and you still like her after? Lauren and her husband Mark run IAmThatLady.com, a site devoted to teaching families how to build the life they want — on a budget.

In this episode Lauren tells me the amazing, devastating and hilarious story about how her family overspent on a lavish lifestyle until they were $40,000 in debt — and clawed their way out of it, slinging steaks and living on a tightwad budget. Also, she will crack you up with my most favorite story of hers: Having her pink Cadillac repo’d in the most dramatic and humiliating way possible (tears ensued).

What's Your Credit Score?

In the past few weeks Lauren’s freezer meal plans have been blowing up, thanks in part to her appearances on Today, Fox and Friends, Dr. Oz and Good Morning America. Plus, this mom of three is hilarious and cool.

Have a listen! And check out  IAmThatLady.com !


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2 thoughts on “#LikeAMother Budgeting like a mother with Lauren Greutman of IAmThatLady.com

  1. I will check out Laura’s site, however I think if you are a single Mom it is more difficult repaying debt and paying monthly bills. That’s been the biggest challenge amongst others.

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