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Hi Mama!

Specifically for Wallet Hacks fans, I am extending this very special offer for everyone who buys The Kickass Single mom before Wednesday, Nov. 15:
LIFETIME access to ALL of my courses for FREE. 
This includes:
✅ Get Back Into Dating for Single Moms ($199 value)
✅ The Single Mom Money Masterclass ($297 value)
✅ Make More Money Now Course ($49 value)
All you have to do is email me your book receipt, and you'll get access to all of these courses, FREE.


Easy …

1. Order the book at your favorite retailer, all the big ones linked here. Paperback, ebook or audiobook (narrated by me!).

2. Forward your receipt to

3. Immediately receive an email in return with easy access to all the courses. BAM! DONE!

For more about The Kickass Single Mom, check out this book page.  In short, this #1 Bestseller has been featured everywhere, including named to New York Post's ‘Must Read' list,, Yahoo! Finance, Parents, Inc., TIME, MONEY, Toronto Star, Reader's Digest, MindBodyGreen, Cheddar and more. In other words, it's a really big deal :)

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