Kickass Single Mom Book UPDATES!!

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Some pretty awesome stuff already happening with The Kickass Single Mom!

To learn more about the book, and to order now, go to this book page. 

So far, the book’s publicists have secured **147 MEDIA PLACEMENTS!** Some really biggies will be announced shortly, while others are highlighted below … I am having so much fun sharing (and arguing and laughing with) with journalists, bloggers, and podcasters about single moms. TV, radio, blogs, newspapers, websites, magazines, podcasts, and on and on. All good stuff!

Other good stuff? I am officially a #1 Bestselling Author, as The Kickass Single Mom got this very nice tag this week:

Whoo hoo!!

The New York Post named The Kickass Single Mom a ‘Must Read’ 

Whoo hoo x1,000 !!!

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Tuesday, launch day, my lovely partner Worthy, the diamond marketplace, is hosting a book party for The Kickass Single Mom on its rooftop terraces. I am very excited to celebrate with friends and colleagues and drink lots of rose’ (official pink drink for this pink book).

Check out all the party pics here …


worthy diamond sell



Notable Kickass Single Mom book media appearances:

Money magazine

KTLA Los Angeles 

Little Things, The Daily Glow 


KABC News, Los Angeles 8/15/2017


brandi glanville kickass singlemom




Podcast One Brandi Glanville Unfiltered 







Reuters Live

New York Post ‘Must Read’

U.S. News “Self Care for Single Moms

TIME “The Parenting Fantasy That Holds Women Back”

Toronto Star “Putting the Boots to Single Mom Stereotypes”

Jean Chatzky’s Her Money 

Mind Body Green “8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Single Mom Friend”

Brooklyn Paper Kickass: The Updated Guide to Being a Single Mom

Washington Post “Single Moms Don’t Need Sympathy. They Need Smarter Strategies” On Productivity “Why single moms make the best entrepreneuers” 

Reader’s Digest: “10 Things Single Moms Want You To Know”

Forbes: “3 Money Lessons from Single Moms That All Women Need” 

Healthline  “Single Mom Blog of the Year”

U.S. News “Payment Platforms For Parents”

WCCO, CBS Radio “Helicopter parenting costs money”

Cheddar “Single Moms and Money”

Tom Leykis Show Hourlong call-in interview 

Money Radio  “Business for Breakfast” 


About the book here

Media inquiries:
Ashley Bernardi

On Amazon:


Kickass Single Mom Book NOW AVAILABLE IN STORES! Be financially independent, discover your sexiest self, and raise fabulous, happy children! Single mom inspiration / single mom parenting

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