Joanna McFarland, HopSkipDrive: Frees moms from kid-schlepping

hopskipdrive founders

Joanna McFarland, center, and her co-founders at HopSkipDrive

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Admit it: You hate running your kids around. And chauffeuring children to and from after-school activities, play dates and, you’re a separated family, to their dad’s house, is one of the dregs of parenthood. It is for me. And finding a safe driver, with their own wheels, available for the inconsistent chore of schlepping kids to and fro is a chore in and of itself.

Enter HopSkipDrive, the Uber for kids. Founded in 2013 by three moms of little kids, the California startup is coming to a city near you. To thank for this gift is co-founder and CEO Joanna McFarland, herself a Los Angeles married mom of two sons, whom I interview in this fun interview. Joanna and I discuss:

  • How the three founders birthed HopSkipDrive.
  • Why so many customers are divorced families (drivers serve as intermediary between the homes of contentious parents.
  • Why the service is such a great job for moms.
  • The mom guilt that pressures women to assume the onerous task of kid-schlepping.
  • How outsourcing this (and other mom duties) enhances earning potential and quality of family time.
  • Why this may be one of the only jobs that enthusiastically accepts ‘motherhood’ as work experience.
  • The joys and challenges of entrepreneurship as a mom of young children.
  • How McFarland balances her demanding career with family and marriage.
  • No, says McFarland, a former investment banker, HopSkipDrive is not a competitor of Uber or Lyft.

Learn more about HopSkipDrive here.


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