I’m a media superstar. Check out Wealthy Single Mommy’s press mentions!

Wealthy Single Mommy’s star is rising! We’ve been featured in a bunch of hot media outlets lately. Check it out!

New York Times “The Motherlode Blogroll: Freshly Linked but Never Final”

NBC’s TODAY “How to survive traveling solo with your kids”

Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM talks about my 10-year marriage contract

Headline News (CNN) “Kids: What will this divorce do to me?”

Woman’s Day digs into my 10-year marriage contract 

The Awl “Staying At Home, But Also Hustling” (on my arguments against the financial feasibility of SAHMs)

xoJane Comments on my “Letter to my Beautiful, Beautiful Daughter” in “Do You Need a Man to Tell You You’re Beautiful?”

CafeMom’s The Stir Gives a written hug to my 10-year marriage contract campaign

Huffington Post regularly features my opinions

The Houston Chronicle interviews me in “Why is America so afraid of Single mothers?”

Nerd Wallet sources me as an expert: “Expert FAQ: The Financial Illiteracy Epidemic: Why Young Adults Need Help With Their Finances, and How to Help”

Single mom goddess Alaina Shearer at MsSingleMama.com writes about Wealthy Single Mommy in “Money, money, money

Single Mothers By Choice runs my essay “Another Kind of Choice

Beyond Black & White highlights my tips in “9 Financial Mistakes Women Make When They Divorce

Credit.com includes me in “Halloween Strategies to Save on Costumes, Candy and More

The Sexy Single Mommy profiles me in “Real Talk with Single Mommy, Emma”

Mean Moms Rule asks some good questions in “Single Mom Seeks Wealth (and Good Behavior from Her Kids!)”

Jen Singer’s MammaSaid.net features my “10 Things to do Before You Leave Your Husband

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